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Greetings, I live in Castle Hayne, N.C. I was dismayed to find early on in my internet marketing pursuits that Amazon pulled out of N.C. due to taxing attempts from N.C. lawmakers. Amazon did not want to impose the 6% tax as it has no warehouses or no offices in the state. I wrote about this.

I am pretty sure there are fellow North Carolinians here on WarriorForum. Enlighten me on what you do as an alternative and do read about my suggestions!

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    I just do IM as a hobby now, because it just gets harder every year to make money with new changes like with Amazon. There are other sites you can use, but none are as good as Amazon in my opinion. I can't think of the name of any off hand right now, when Amazon dropped N.C. I used a few of them, but they didn't sell as well as Amazon did.

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    I live in Colorado, a state that recently passed legislation that shut Amazon out. Thankfully I live about 45 minutes from a bank in New Mexico, which is where my Amazon check goes. For some who don't have that luxury it might be possible to open up an online bank account located in another state. Well there is a will there is a way.
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    I don't live in North Carolina, but I do know several people who do.

    Most do not use Amazon anymore, because Amazon shut them out.

    But one of the group has a corporation registered in Florida, because she used to live in Florida. She now maintains her Florida Corporation so that she can continue to employ the Amazon Affiliate Program in her online business.
    Bill Platt, Oklahoma USA,
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    1. Move to another state with more business friendly tax policies (aka "Who is John Galt?" or gulching)

    2. Don't vote for and actively campaign against politicians of any political affiliation who don't understand the Laffer Curve or who act entitled to public office in service of your state. They work for you, not the other way around. Fire 'em if they can't mind their own business and keep their hands to themselves.

    3. Form an out of state corporation.
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