Brand new WP site, Now what to do with it?

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Hello fellow warriors.

I have just gotten back my custom WP site from the designer (I am very happy with the work, fellow warrior) and it is now live online but I am not sure what to do next.

The site will be an authority blog selling my own info products (these are yet to be made, looking at getting feedback from the list I am going to build before I make the products). I have started writing a report which I will use to get people to opt-in.

I know that I need to do,

- keyword research
- write articles
- back linking
- drive traffic to the site
- get site indexed
- add plug ins
- ping
- set up FB fanpage
- ???

Can someone please give me some advice as to what order I should be doing these things in (remember this is a brand new site). My outcome is to dominate my niche.

Is there a checklist or something that I can use to short cut the learning curve?

Thanks for your help.

p.s. This my first site and I am so excited to get to work on building the site and of course the list
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    That's a huge question to answer in one go David but if the site's just a basic install with theme, graphics etc then you should start with adding content and getting it indexed.

    Then move on and start your website promotion while adding more content, it also depends on if you're going to use any forms of paid promotion.

    Strategies can vary quite a lot depending on the person, methods they prefer, and the type of website.

    You can find plenty of free content through my signature links to help get you started with this, feel free to take a look if you like.

    Need a fresh start or help to take your business to the next level? Click here to find out more...

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      Thanks Neilc.

      I will check out your sig, right now.

      Should I install the plug-ings before I start posting?

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      I'm surprised that you haven't already started doing that.

      If you have done some primary research (I would assume that you did this before you bought the domain and developed the site) than you should be able to create you product already - at least the free one.

      Next would be to use various marketing strategies - my fav are; article marketing, forum posting and blog commenting. Typically send one article in EZA and rewrites to other directories each day for the next 7-10 days.

      This will give you a lot of traction - also I highly recommend creating a fan page on facebook and liking it to your blog, posting article excerpts to it and creating a buzz by asking questions related to your niche on the fan page.

      Best of luck to you in your endeavors.

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        Cheers Ryzan, thanks for the tips.

        I have already done some research. Hot nich, willing to spend money etc.

        Just not sure how many keywords to target etc.

        I guess I just want some feedback that I am heading in the right direction. I believe that I am, just not 100% sure on the order to do things.
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    yes u have create unique content , and make some backlink
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    Here is a good thread that i keep printed out on my wall -

    Its about targeted traffic and its a goldmine.

    Feel free to ask me any IM related questions or add me on skype :D
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      Most of the stuff you have listed are technicalities and have little to do with providing anything for the visitor.

      Building a site and promoting it will not make it a authority site (or anything else) unless you provide quality. Quality as in satisfying someone's need - this can be a online service, offline product, content, tips and tricks, porn, whatever.

      to build a list you need visitors

      to attract visitors you need to provide quality or buy traffic
      buying traffic without providing quality is risky ( on many levels) and will probably not convert into sales so you are back to the "providing quality" step

      to provide quality you either need to know what you are talking about, or outsource the production to someone who does and you need to do this with precision in a niche where there is a demand for whatever it is you intend to supply

      to dominate a niche, it has to either be virgin ground or you have really, really, good quality to offer. another option is if you have really, really, lots of cash which you can invest into dominating your niche regardless of competition. this may be satisfying but not always profitable

      I might be wrong but get the feeling you have started in the wrong end with getting the site up before you have your products/services done.

      Unless you know what you will be providing, it is counterproductive target an audience.

      Free action plan : Think less. Do more.

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        Thanks Mrdomain for the advice, some great things to think about.

        I already provide my service/product offline, I am just looking at getting it online (hope this makes sense).

        I already know what I will be sellling, it's just how I will package it up that I haven't decided upon yet. Home study course, coaching program etc.

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