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by MKyle
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Hi all:

I had several conversations last week about 'niches' and how to define them. There are many smart people on this forum who can help, but I wanted to suggest a book I ran across recently that discusses over 70 niches with commentary on each one.

Title: Microtrends: The small forces behind tomorrow's big changes by Mark J. Penn.

Not only does the book discuss niches (which could all be targeted by IMers) but it provides examples of niches. Many folks starting out have a hard time determining and finding appropriate niches. They can't convert the theory into specific examples.

I've suggested this book to many people, and they've all returned to me saying they appreciate reading about concrete examples.

I hope others in the forum can gain some insight from this book.
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    I suggest you go to and check out the resources and tutorials they have for researching and developing your niche.

    It's a free service with a lot of good info.

    -Mike Cowles. <><
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      The more complex challenge is matching a niche with your expertise/strengths AND a clear identification of opportunity.

      For example, you may discover that there is a very good niche market in helping people with their job hunting - resumes, interviews, etc...

      Let's say your strength is in teaching, developing info products.

      Well, it turns out that the job hunting and resume writing niches - the biggest opportunity is in offering services, not info products (I know this from coaching people in this specific area).

      So, you need to analyze niches with a business model in mind, a good understanding of your own strengths (what kind of work do you like to do and are you good at), put all of this together with opportunity assessment within the niche and you will find the golden nuggets that work for YOU.

      Lots of niches, only some are right for any one business person to tackle.

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      Good suggestion. I know that site and I would recommend it to folks also.

      M. Kyle Craig - Marketer, Writer, Technologist
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