How do you work out how much your blog is worth?

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If you were to sell a blog, how would you figure out how much it is worth?
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    Originally Posted by swollenpickles View Post

    If you were to sell a blog, how would you figure out how much it is worth?

    Rough estimate can be monthly revenue times 12.

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    However many dollars someone will pay for it - that is how much it is worth.

    Not very helpful I know, but it's the most honest answer you will get. There are various tools around the internet that will value your site based on traffic, age etc but they tend to be hopelessly inaccurate. The best ballpark idea you can get is to go to digitalpoint etc and see what people are asking for similar blogs - and more importantly - what people are paying for them...

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      Ignore all "monthly revenue metrics" and online appraisals -- both are irrelevant to how sites actually are valued in the market. The only way to get a real idea of how much you can get for your blog or site is to put it on the market with a very low starting bid and a very high hidden reserve (since your goal is to value it, not sell it, this first time.) See what kind of offers you get, and even more importantly see what kind of public and private feedback you get. If you put it somewhere like Sitepoint and you don't get any questions, comments or criticisms then chances are your site needs a serious amount of work on it -- but most likely you'll have potential buyers practically yelling in your ear on how to better shape up your site for selling, since anything they perceive to be lacking they'll definitely criticise.

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