After 4 Years, Here Is What I Learnt About My Customers!

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I was going to post this yesterday, but I have the chance now. So here goes!

Over the last few weeks I have been sort of reminiscing about the good old days, and how the internet has been changing. Even have much internet marketing has been changing in 2010.

But one thing that will never change is your customers. We all need them to run our business, they make up our traffic, they make up our sales and we need them and they need us. It is this relationship as a whole that makes up day to day transactions, and survival of even small businesses out there. Without a customer what is your business...nothing really is it? Without a customer, you do not even need a business in the first place!

That is pretty standard and anyone with even a slight business sense seems to understands this.

But I have been thinking recently just how deep that goes. I mean the customer and you, the relationship, the viral aspects and many other variables that we seem to take advantage of.

Here are the 10 Valuable lessons I have learnt from getting customers in my business.

1) One customer is never the same. In fact they probably all have different goals. But they all want something from you. To get a goal acheive, to get help with a service, there is a desirable outcome that they want and they have chosen you over everyone else out there. Make sure you note this, when they come on board.

2) The age old saying of "the customer is right!" cannot be further from the truth. A customer knows what he or she wants. Listen to them, ask them questions, be clear and precise so you both know what the desired outcome is. That will help things smoothly as the task/s is carried out.

3) People want help right now. With the age of the internet and the ability to talk and communicate with someone around the other side of the world at the push of a button. They want help this instant. So make sure that if they are downloading your product and are requesting your help you are giving it to them within 24 hours. Otherwise they are going to be peeved.

4) Be kind to them, even if they are rude. Yes, this is a hard one to swallow. Once I had screaming client at me via email, then on phone, but i stayed calm and he didnt know what to do. I dont think he expected me to be like this!!! LOL By the end of the conversation things cooled right down. I was able to control the situation, keep a cool head and change the situation around. I used what I call the reverse Mr SMOOTH personality. You will be surprised at how people pick up on this....and the easily you can turn situtions in your favor. Even just being silent and listening can help.

5) Have a personality. Ask them about their pet dog Lulu and her irritable bowl syndrome. Ask how the wife is. Add your character and add personality. After many years, I still find it interesting that customers like a person and are attracted to a person with live wire characteristics. If you take notice of your clients they seem drawn to you and the pressure becomes less for you to perform. Think about repeat customers here. Why do they come back....because they like you as a person, you care about them, and you do a good job. First impressions last. So find a commonalty between you and them or remember to ask about lulu or something close to them. Make them feel important.

6) A few of my customers, have become my closest affiliates and dearest friends. That is priceless in the internet marketing arena. IF you have a good product and people go out of their way to promote you stuff....that is just more traffic and more sales for you. And guess how much work you do for this. almost Zero!!! Just be nice to them! Isnt funny that my top affilates are really more like family friends than business partners. They have bought in many thousands of dollars in sales and have big lists. That is like having money sitting in the bank. So it is important to nurture that in this game.

7) One customer can give you a bad name fast. Bad news travels fast. It is like one village the internet. People can build their reputation up and it may take several years to do so. But they can be shot down in an instant. Be good, create good products, and get a flurry of customers preaching your good word in places like this forum. Strive to help out customers, and bend over backwards for them. This will help the effect.

8) Give your clients extra. If they say do this, or do that. Actually do it, and give them extra. If they buy your ebook, give them a bonus ebook or software right after. If they want 3000 seo links...give them 3250 links. Go that extra step to ensure they are getting what they are paying for. This can help your business thrive, and also reduce the refund rate amounts you may experience. People are always after value for money. So GIVE IT TO THEM!

9) Customers like simple. IF you know a way your customer can get from step 1 to step 10 and you know it in 5 simple steps. Tell them. let them know. Time is money in this world and they will get angry if you are not upfront with them. You are the expert and they want expert advice. So give it too them. The saying "honesty is the best policy" will work here. Make it faster and easier for you client to get to thier desired goal and you will only succeed even more than you thought.

10) Realize it is your customers that pay the bills. Thank them for you business. And realise that they like discounts. Offer them when you can. 50% off deals, freebies, discounts, 2 for 1's. etc You buying clients are like treat them like gold. IF you do this you are only help promote them to come back to you for repeat business.

Without customers buying your stuff, you nothing - So value and treat them with respect because once you gain trust, big things can happen!!!

Anyway there are probably more, but I just wanted to jot down the ones that have helped increased my business and hopefully your.

Yours truly

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    Great post! Its better to know this sooner rather than later, Get all this right and you will easily - make more sales and have less problems and refunds! And rather than just have customers you will end up creating raving fans!
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    I guess when your business expands, your customer base increases, and so to your income. I am going through this at the moment since January this year.

    So yes it is important for people not to become a victim of their own success. I have seen it happen this year to marketers in OZ. that was making me think of this, and I had to write it out and have a look what and where this was coming from...and how this can help my business and the great warriors here as well.
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    Great post! Truly spoken by someone who has had experience with this. I agree with you totally about being the 'smooth operator' when a customer is having a go at you. Most times they expect you to shout back so they do feel stupid when you don't.
    Thanks again, these are all points worth considering.
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      thanks geogia,

      I remember that, and i almost lost it at the guy.

      But I had been to a seminar and the trainer was showing us some brillant little opened up a whole new world to me. That you have control over every situation and you do not have to be the sweaty overweight guy smoking cigars and screaming down the phone to people all day. I will leave that for the stockbrokers.

      Originally Posted by Georgia Christian View Post

      Great post! Truly spoken by someone who has had experience with this. I agree with you totally about being the 'smooth operator' when a customer is having a go at you. Most times they expect you to shout back so they do feel stupid when you don't.
      Thanks again, these are all points worth considering.
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    Good post, especially about the bad customers this is why companies should actively try and get irrated customerts to report their issues, as it means there less likely to bad mouth the company!


    Apollo Articles
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