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I came across a couple of keywords today and I'm a little confused.

When I searched "keyword" I got 33,100 exact searches and super low competition.
However, "long tail keyword one", "long tail keyword two", etc. are showing of course less searches but very high competition.

So my question is, would I be able to rank for "keyword" since it's showing so little competition or not since "long tail keyword" contains the keyword and is high competition. :confused:

I hope that makes sense lol.
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    I guess my question is, what makes you think that the general term has super low competition while the long-tail's appear harder?
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      Have you checked the actual competition.

      What type of sites are ranking? Are they authority sites?
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      It really doesn't matter how much competition you have. It all comes down to how hard is it to beat the competition on the first page. If all the sites on the first page have 1,000's of high quality back links and 1,000's of pages, you are going to have a hard time ranking on the first page no matter if there are 100,000,000 or 1,000 competing sites.

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    I agree with Mark. Have you used firefox SEO plugin? If you download this, install and then type your KW into google no quotes, what sites come up? If most of them are PR4 or higher, than it will not be easy to rank even if there is not much other competition.
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    well, we won't quite know what your competition data looks like. perhaps if you can share that data without the actual "keyword" we may be able to help.

    But, assuming what you are saying is correct... then I think it MIGHT not be a good idea to try rank for it. The reason why it may be low competition while its long tails have high competition maybe because it may not be a buyer keyword or it may be too broad.
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