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I have recently created and am looking for some advice regarding site layout.

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    The actual layout is not bad - but the design is not very engaging.
    Even having an image for each article there would start bringing it to life.

    Also - here's a good tip.
    Make all your calls to action and links the same color - but not a passvie color like you have used - make them orange perhaps (it's the opposite of the dark blue you have used in the background on the color wheel, so will make the links 'pop').

    Take a look at some of the fre themes from Woo themes also - they have been really well crafted and offer a polish that your site lacks.

    Don't look to MAKE money - look to HELP people and you will make all the money you can ever want.

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    The best advice I can give you is try a more appealing wordpress theme. There are hundreds of free ones out there. How about a magazine style?
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    Yeah unfortunately your site looks a bit web 1.0 - outdated, more or less.

    Get a new wordpress theme, and add images to your posts if you can. Basically anything that makes it appear less as a 'WALL OF TEXT' and more as a Authority site.
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    As others have said, try and find a more engaging theme that is a little more Web 2.0 looking, but please, keep the nice and clean layout because it will work well for you very well.
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      Or if you want to increase your choices. Take a look at Turbo Flex Pro Theme Master. It will convert most any regular webpage or template into a WordPress theme automatically. So all you would have left to do is decide what web page or free template you want to convert. Your choices from the free template sites all over the internet are pretty much unlimited.

      Turbo Flex Pro Theme Master - Turn Single Templates and Webpages Into Complete WordPress Blogs!
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    A premium theme will do you the world of good.
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    The Site look ok , and of course there are space to improve . but for now you can do some seo work instead of thinking about look .
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    Well that would served us your experience, to attract more visitors you need to work harder though.
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