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I was accepted to Commission Junction, but a lot of the advertisers that I apply to within Commission Junction reject my applications..:confused: Is there any advice on getting accepted by the CJ advertisers? I am wondering if I am doing something wrong. The ones that have accepted me are the ones that are auto accept. I have a list of sites in my profile, but I am not sure if the advertiser would know that or not.
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    I had this exact same problem with a few companies in CJ. I'm not sure why they reject but I have a feeling it is to get rid of all the time-wasters. When I was rejected I contacted the company again and told them I was very interested in promoting their products and I showed them one of the websites I owned in that niche and they apologized and accepted me right away.

    Just contact them directly. That way they will see you are serious about promoting for them and let them know that you do in fact know what you are doing.
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    You have to remember, these advertisers get swamped by applications day in day out. Many do not have time to go through them all individually ~ But if you make yourself stand out by contacting them you will almost always get through.
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    I also heard somewhere that the advertisers are able to set a filter to auto-deny based on someones CJ earnings to date... so they may even set it to something like Auto-Deny anyone with less than $50 earnings for instance.
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