Cant make a sale as an affiliate :(

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Hello, i have recently become an affiliate and have posted around 30 articles and have yet to even make a sale?
why is this?
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    I have had around 60 i think, i am monitoring through clickbank.
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      Originally Posted by stevey147 View Post

      I have had around 60 i think, i am monitoring through clickbank.
      60 hops isn't nearly enough to begin to judge anything.

      The problem here is that you've written 30 articles which have apparently collectively produced only 60 clicks? Something's seriously wrong, there. But nobody can advise you what's wrong without looking very carefully at what you're doing (and I respectfully suggest that you ignore those who try to, because there really isn't a way for them to know, however well-intentioned they all doubtless are).

      If you show people some of your articles, that's a different matter, and then people can perhaps advise you.
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        I agree with Alexa but applaud you for actually doing something and then reaching out for help.

        Writing articles can be a little tricky or, more aptly put, there are ways to optimize your time and your articles. As you move along you will discover many different ways of doing article marketing.

        People write differently, have different styles etc... there is a lot of info in here that will help you to write more effective titles, show you how to sort of lead your reader from that title down through your article and into your resource box and also how to write a resource box with a good call to action that will hopefully get you that click.

        Try not to get frustrated though. 30 articles is great! Keep on going. Keep on learning. Keep on refining your writing and you will find success.
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    Agreed, there are many factors that can affect whether you make sales or not. Keyword research, quality of articles, or even the product itself.
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      I also agree, did your website quality and content attract them and can they push this people to buy your product? There's still many that affect your sale

      Originally Posted by chicharito View Post

      Agreed, there are many factors that can affect whether you make sales or not. Keyword research, quality of articles, or even the product itself.
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    Everything depends on your articles’ quality, and on the products you are promoting. Besides that, 30 articles are not enough for beating your competitors.

    You should write more articles, using the right keywords, and promote them by submitting them to top article directories like

    However, if you are not promoting demanded products to a hungry audience, or if your articles are poorly written, you won’t make any sales.
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    Have you considered making your own product?

    Even in my early days of IM, I had much better luck selling my own products then other people's
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      Only 60 views with 30 articles means there is something wrong with the way you have written them.

      Did you do correct keyword research or did you merely throw up articles and hope for the best? What are you trying to promote?

      Different niches work better with diffreent traffic methods, does your niche respond to article marketing?

      One of the best ways to find out and fasttrack your way to success is find out what others are doing, find someone promoting the same or similar products and go through their complete sales funnel.

      Are they writing articles? if so how are they writing them? what's their angle? how are they ensuring click throughs? How long have they been promoting this product?

      By checking out the competition you'll be far more knowledgable about what actually works.

      Everything you need to know about making money with CPA!!

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    Are you posting articles to your own blog or to article directories? If you have a blog of your own, it takes time to drive a steady stream of traffic to it. On the other hand, if submitting to articles directories, a lot depends on which directories you're using. Or it could just be your article quality, niche, or product that's at issue.
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    As everyone says, definitely need more details, such as where the articles were posted, your current CTR, how many views the articles had, how many hops you've had on your product you're promoting, etc. Did you target the right keywords? Did you perform any keyword research prior to writing your articles?
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    Hang in there. You still have a lot to learn about article marketing and Clickbank product promotion.

    Focus+Smart Work+Persistence=Success

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    Try creating your own product and then finding affiliates to market it for you. Thats really where all the money is online anyway
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    Article marketing has never really worked for me. You have to know how to write good articles, based on the right keywords and submit them to the right directories. Then, I have read, that you should also backlink those articles. So there are a lot of factors that determine the effectiveness of your article marketing. And the quality of the product you are promoting ( and the quality of the sales copy) will also effect conversions.
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    If you focus on money and get frustrated. Focus on getting traffic and visitors, not sales and see what happens. You get motivated every day, as you see visitors coming one by one.

    Think about it for a second: you focus on sales. You don't see any sales in 30 days...what happens? Your motivation drops. Next time you are going to put in less effort, because you know that you are not going to see any money. Less effort...what happens? Less results. Everything repeats. Finally you are frustrated and quit.

    Now look at this way: you focus on progress and results. Lets say visitors. Oh..when you submit point doing it one by one. Submit all at once. Then you see results. Anyway. If you focus on results (visitors), you will see results every day. What happens? You get motivated. Do it again and again, until you see amazing results. Question: You think you are not going to make any money, if traffic is crazy???

    Trust works....but you need to get this money thing out from your head...its bad for you!

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    from 30 articles you might get a sale, even 100 sales or more, but it might take months, years, then suddenly someone stumbles over your article and voila... so just keep writing I guess
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    ^^^^ yes you are very right as that regards

    i submitted close to 65 articles before i got my
    first sale from CB

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    It takes time, and trial and error. Article marketing is my number one source and I earn a decent living, but it took me 18 months to get here, so hang in there. Sometimes the smallest change can make a big difference. Research the topic of article marketing and learn. I learned just as much from my mistakes as I have from my successes.
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    You need to track your affiliate links...just posting an article does not mean it is going to make money. Is the article relevant to a certain niche? Where have you posted the articles? What is the product you are marketing with the articles? etc. etc... Keep trying and good luck!

    To your success!

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    Originally Posted by stevey147 View Post

    Hello, i have recently become an affiliate and have posted around 30 articles and have yet to even make a sale?
    why is this?
    Yeah, we need a little more info to really analyze this here..
    Like what article directories did you post your articles? and are the best in my opinion.
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    how-many-articles is not import, the key is traffic
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    Targeted traffic is key to finding success with affiliate marketing in my opinion. From a search engine perspective "buyer keywords" are what can really push your affiliate marketing revenue to new heights. Are you targeting buyer keywords?

    Buyer Keyword (targeted traffic) + Positive Review = Sale

    If you aren't finding luck with article marketing, start scouring the net for niche related message boards and begin posting. Throw an ad in your sig line and see what happens.

    Above all else. Don't give up. Just re-align your cannon and prepare to fire again.
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    There is much more to this than just posting articles. Did you include popular keywords throughout each article?

    Take care,

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    I'll just pop by and let you know what my stats were when i first started out article marketing.

    I registered a domain name, redirected it to my affiliate link. Wrote 10 SEO optimized articles and submitted to Ezinearticles with my domain name in the resource box.

    In 1 month, i got around 1000 article views altogether, 10% clickthrough rate for 5 sales.

    That was in a hobby's niche.
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    Effective article marketing is required here.I think the articles should be well written with your targeted keywords and keep passion.The result will come slowly but surely.Submit those articles in as many sites as you can and promote the best articles in different forums related to the products your are promoting.
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    Originally Posted by stevey147 View Post

    Hello, i have recently become an affiliate and have posted around 30 articles and have yet to even make a sale?
    why is this?
    First off you can not judge by just 30 articles unless those 30 articles are getting over 300 visitors a day between them and a ctr of atleast 20%. If you posted them in eza then you should be able to see what the actual ctr is. Look at how many visitors it has brought to your site or affiliate site. If it is less then 200 you might as well forget it.

    Keep in mind that only 1 out of say 30 people who read your article are actually going to click your link and the rest are either going to continue surfing or click off on the ads plastered by the article site. So you will not get every person to your site just because they read your article. Just keep doing as you are doing.

    You also need to realize that your landing page may not convert them. Or even the affiliates page may not convert them if they get there. You just need to stay consistent and keep plugging away at it. It will soon pay off. Before you know it we may be calling you the guru.
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    Take one of my eza accounts just as an example. I have only submitted 47 total articles. About 10 of those articles point directly to an affiliate page. The rest point to my site and bring traffic to my site. Out of those 47 articles I have had 4721 readers read them. 459 of those who read my articles read my eza profile. Out of those 4721 readers it generated 508 visitors to my sites or offers. Out of those 508 visitors none have bought directly from my affiliate links in my resource box. However I can not say that out of the 508 none of them have bought my product. For I can only trac them so far. Sice most of the links go to my homepage. I can trac them to my home page then off the page and then the rest of the tracking is done only on the order form. So unless I set up a duplicate page and direct them to that page instead it is impossible to track any further.

    I am also willin gto bet that your numbers are no where near those numbers since you are still in the learning process. Are you optimizing your articles. Are you doing the proper keyword research before creating the articles. do you have a good reader freindly resource that makes them want to come to your site. There are many many many factors. Just keep doing what you are doing and you will soon see some sales. Unless the page you are sending them too does not convert.

    Test Test Test
    Research Research Research
    Test Test Test
    rinse lather and repeat over and over again
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    There are things to consider why you don't generate sales from 30 articles:
    - are you publishing your article in your own blog not on high ranked article directories?
    - when do you submit those articles? days ago? weeks ago? months ago? sometime you need to be patient.
    - are you targeting your article title in buyer keyword or popular keyword, or you titled your article with the title that 'feels' nice to you. you need to do proper keyword research to see the maximum result of your article.
    - are you tease your reader at the end of your article to click your link?
    - are you write your article in a boring way?
    - etc...
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    Originally Posted by stevey147 View Post

    Hello, i have recently become an affiliate and have posted around 30 articles and have yet to even make a sale?
    why is this?
    when you say "recently"... how recently?
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    Your articles arent coverting really well,it means you havent provide the readers with information that they are looking for.

    Be patient with these stuff,it takes time to learn and more time to see results.

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    Originally Posted by stevey147 View Post

    Hello, i have recently become an affiliate and have posted around 30 articles and have yet to even make a sale?
    why is this?
    Where are you driving the traffic to?
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    I have 42 posts on my blog, with more than 200 traffics within 15 days but no sale too..
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    How recently did you publish those articles? Remember that article marketing isn't an instant traffic/profit strategy, and if you just submitted them it may take a while to start seeing some results.

    Also, could you elaborate on how you did your keyword research? What kind of keywords did you select?
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