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It's been long that have actively participate in this forum. I guess I'm already making much more not to have time out here. Lol

Joe Vitale shared a story in one of his book - hypnotic marketing. It's story of a man by the name Shankman. According to the story, Peter Shankman was downsized out of a job in 1998. He was nearly broke and not sure of what to do next. Fortunately for him, he had inside knowledge of how media works.

He understand that reporters like stories that have a sense of immediacy. So he decided to start his own consulting business.

But he didn't have enough mone to buy the computer equipment he needed to get his new consulting business up and running. The hottest news and entertainment story of the day was the popularity of the hit movie, TITANIC.

Shankman took his last $1,000 and bought 500 T.shirt on which he had imprinted a picture of the ship and the words, "It sand - Get over it".

He took the t.shirt to New york's central part and set up shop selling them for $10 each. Two hours later, he'd sold all 500 t.shirt, making a tidy profit of $3, 750.

A lot of people have been using same model for long. See, you don't even need to have a thousand dollars to buy the T.shirt. It's a lot better and faster using internet. And you can do it with almost zero-cost. I will give you couple of ideas in next few paragraphs.

First you need a way to be up-to-date on latest events around the world. Best place to visit is google trends: Google Trends: Dec 2, 2010

One of the top hot searches today (2nd of december 2010) is 'hanukkah'. I never come across that world until today. Note; I don't live in America. So I quickly ran a check for the word on google adword keyword tool to see number of people searching for this word on google and if there are related words.

I was shocked to discover that there are several related searches with google number of searches.

The best part is that this is not just one day fad. According to google it is celebrated from december 1 to december 9th.

So how can you tap into the insane traffic and profit from this?

First create something to sell. Go to Custom T-Shirts, Unique Gifts, Posters, & Personalized Mugs | CafePress and create some cool stuff on that subject. Cafepress gives you opportunity to create and sell personalized items.

You can get idea from words people are using to search on google adword keyword tool.
I did a search for 'hanukkah' on and discover that there are thousands of products on the topic. However, my research confirm that they are ill promoted.

You can create several hanukkah gifts on cafepress.

When you have your products on cafepress. You can start promoting it. So, how do you promote your products?

Use video marketing.
Create short video on your product. If you have camtasia it's better. But if not, you can use any of the article to video application out there. Most of them cost about $100 bucks. But since I wish you can do this with almost zero cost I think best one to use is www.authorstream. It is free.

You can get creative commons picture from flickr. If you don't have microsoft powerpoint presently you can use open office @

Then sign up for trial account of online application called traffic geyser.

Traffic Geyser will distribute your video on over 30 video directories and blogs plus 12 podcast directories.

You video may ends up in google search result in a very short period. It may even be on page 1. You've probably seen something like "videos for xyz" in google search result result before?

Extra tip: once you have your video on youtube, you can create free website on squidoo, weebly, buzzle,, and others. Make sure you create a link to your video from each of the pages. You can also spead your video with twitter, facebook and other social services.

Create and distribute press release

Another thing you can do is to create and distribute press release online. Send your press release to 50 press release website here:
50 Free Press Release Submission Websites

Your press release may end up on first page of google search result under "News for XYZ" too.

You can also spread your video, press release and cafepress product on

In summary, it will be better if you have idea of what is to be hot before it get into news.
Let me share a website from my rolodex with you. Here is it: IMDb: Years

It is internet movie database. You can find movie title that will be released years to come on that page.

I hope somebody find this useful.

My name is Lateef.
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    Hey Lateef thanks for the info. I've read Joe Vitale's book too and thought it was pretty good and loaded in usefull information.
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    You are welcome James. Glad you love that.
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    I can't tell you the amount of money I have made selling methods to people who simply dont understand the power of capitalising on a trending market/topic.

    I myself have used the core method behind this (with my own spins of course) to make thousands of dollars a day, on a regular basis. I have sold methods to people with guaruntee's that they will make their money back within 2 weeks of implementing, only to have them come and thank me a day later having made way more money than they thought possible.

    capitalising on trends is simply the best way to make money online...period. It is also to be fair, one that requires a lot of work, and no small measure of frustration.
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