Cash Gifting Vs A.M ?

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Would you try cash gifting vs affiliate marketing? Any warriors doing well with it?
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    Only if I wanted to go to jail. It's (rightly) as illegal as you can get.

    Giving someone a cash gift isn't illegal in itself, of course, as the advocates of these criminal scams are always so quick to point out: but what they don't tell you is that it's promoting a cash gifting scheme in which so-called "gifts" are solicited with the intention that the donor will then solicit other so-called "gifts" from subsequent third parties which is so illegal. According to the FTC, the Attorneys General, the police and all the other regulators, courts and lawyers, anyway.

    I suspect that some of the people who do participate in these schemes are a little too short of braincells to ask themselves who's eventually going to end up losing the money they're planning to be gaining. And others don't even care.

    (I've been wrong before, but my guess is that the first moderator to see the thread will remove it, anyway.)
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    Cash Gifting >> STAY AWAY!!

    You will spend all your time on the phone trying convince people to send you cash, then end up feel 'not so good' about yourself.

    I highly suggest building interent businesses that keep working even when you are not working. Affiliate marketing falls into this category, Once you build your sales funnel, it is entirely possible to earn while you sleep. Sure you have to check in and keep working on it, but in my opinion a much better model.

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    Cash gifting... NO! For all the reasons stated above.

    Don't fall for the BS... many people across this country
    have been arrested and prosecuted for promoting these

    If you knew what I know you'd be doing what I do...
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    Steer well clear my friend. Cash gifting is the ultimate pyramid con. Those in first can make money but as time goes on it becomes impossible.

    These are a number of arrests and prosecutions in the US as the scheme is wholly unlawful
    and identified as a ponzi scheme or pyramid.

    In the UK in the early 90's a small town in Wales was literally torn apart as everyone joined a gifting scheme. The ones who started it were stuffing plastic bags with cash while the latecomers lost their homes, unable to pay their mortgages after throwing thousands of pounds into the scheme.

    Marriages broke down, families were torn apart and friendships built up over decades were destroyed overnight.

    Stick to the legitimate stuff my friend and keep your liberty, self respect and reputation.
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      Geez, is it that time of year again already? ;(
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        Yeah it's clockwork, every year at this time that cash gifting scams start showing up.
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    Cash gifting has no real value is just a complete joke!

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    Read the FTC website, I did in the past and it CLEARLY lists cash gifting as an illegal scheme.

    “The first draft of anything is shit.” ~Ernest Hemingway

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