How many subsribers I need to reach $1000 per month?

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I know it's little weird to ask this type of question. But actually, I set the target of $1000. Right now, I am holding almost 5000 subscribers but not reaching this target easily. I want to know that how much subscribers I need exactly to reach $1000.

Do I already have enough long list or (I know it's all about keep building) how much no. of subscribers I should keep in mind to achieve that target?

I know all that responsive list, quality and length of articles, giving value to list... I am already doing all these things. I just want to know that how much subscribers I need to reach that target easily.

Oh, by the way, I send them offers twice a month. My major focus is on giving them value and quality.

I am not expert or something, I am just trap between $600 to 800$ per month.

It would be helpful for me if I have certain idea that how much subscribers can help me in reaching that target.

It's already clear that my conversion rate is not that good. That's why I want to know this. Because right now I am only focusing on one niche. And now I am thinking to go for other niche. I should have an idea about good ratio.

Sorry I forget to mention. I am in relationship niche, Long term relationships and Marriage.
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    Do you know how many tomato plants I need to get 47 tomatoes a week from my garden? Without knowing conversions rates, churn, what you're selling, how much you're selling it for?

    Let me shake my magic 8 ball and see what comes up...
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    Its hard to tell because with subscribers, its all about your relationship with them. Also, you have to know quality subscribers > quantity.
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    You definitely have a list long enough to reach that goal, the thing that matters is what kind of niche you're in and what kind of information you're offering for free vs what you are asking them to pay for.

    Do you mind sharing your niche, your email frequency, and the type of offers you're making? Maybe I can help you out a bit with some advice.

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    In addition to all the valid points above, you also need to work out the cost of the product you're selling and your net profit. If you're making $1 per product or $100 per product will also be crucial.

    Also, are your subscribers HIGHLY targeted to whatever you're selling, if not, your conversion rates may suffer.


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    I know marketers that make $10,000 a month from lists of just 3,000 subscribers. However, if you put that same list into somebody else's hands, that person may make less than a hundred bucks a month.

    Not only does it depend on what kind of list it is, how much you make also depends on you. If you send fake reviews for affiliate programs six days a week you will make a much different amount than if you provide your list with value packed emails and sprinkle in an offer every now and again for a product that you use and have success with.

    Founder of JVZoo. All around good guy :)

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    It completely depends on the quality of the list.

    Have you built a relationship with them? (That means sending them more than just promos)?

    Are they on your list because they bought something from you already?

    There is a lot of variables. But I've personally found the old rules to be true. 1k happy subscribers should net you 1k a month.
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