How to check your SEO guys work????

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How can I check and see how my SEO guy is doing or what he is doing? I am using someone from Odesk, I can see their workchart and screen shots of sites they are linking to, but how can I check if its working?

I know it takes weeks and months, but there has to be some sort of chart, or graph, or report I can do to see if I am moving up in the rankings?

I am getting closer to the launch of hdss and starting building links now, any other input of feedback?
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    yes they are building around keywords., I am in a very competitive niche though, real estate investing education and short sales, preforeclosure, buying foreclosures, make money in real estate, no money, no credit investing, stuff like that. I guess I could try that, just thought there was a more definitive way to check, if not INVENT IT!!!
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    First off find out what keywords he is going for. Your in a very competitive market and should only be focusing on maybe 5 to start. Then ask him how many actual backlinks he has for that keyword. I use a program called market samurai but there are other ways to check his work like warriortx showed you. There are probably hundreds of thousands of competitors in that niche with 1000+ backlinks. Find out how many you have got and what he is doing to get them
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    I would request a spreadsheet of their work, and use a program like Traffic Travis to keep track of my rankings over time. Rank Checker is another one. You can input all of your keywords in to these programs, and they will show your current and past search engine rankings for your select keywords.
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    I use Market Samurai to keep track of my links and rankings.

    “The first draft of anything is shit.” ~Ernest Hemingway

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    I'm absolutely amazed people even START thinking about outsourcing a project like this without knowing how to be able to check on it!

    I feel I must repeat what I wrote yesterday about outsourcing:

    How to Outsource: 2 kinds, which are you? — Terso IT
    Terso IT: for Web Development and SEO Latest blog post, on the mindset of outsourcing: How to Outsource: 2 kinds, which are you?
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    Hi Mate,

    Firstly, awesome move outsourcing your SEO.

    But you really need to know how to do SEO and
    how to check that stuff before you outsource
    it so you know it the dude is doing a good

    In the mean time get your SEO guy to do this.

    1. Put all backlinks into a spreadsheet.
    2. Each week have them enter the rank of your site into the spreadsheet.
    3. Have them provide a direct link to the search ranking for that keyword.

    That way you can quite easily check their work.

    Hope that helps?

    Take Care,

    Michael Silvester
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