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After posting my thoughts re: the World's Richest Niche on my blog....I decided it was worth sharing with my fellow Warriors...considering how much of this board seems devoted to the subject.

To me, the ultimate niche, much like the ultimate very easy to sum up. Here's my that's worked well for me.

The World's Richest Niche combines the following 3 elements..not one...not two...but all three!

1. A specific niche product.

2. A specific niche market.

3. Both the product and the market are specifically targeted to the AFFLUENT POPULATION who will buy what they want, when they want it--- with little consideration to the high price you're charging.

That's a niche you can get rich with! Capiche!"

At the very'll make more money going the route above...then a $7 ebook consisting of Steve Waggs--- never before published poetry etc. UGGGGGG!

So in other words....don't just sell the next great OVER PRICED golf club gimmick.

Make sure you sell it to a list of higly paid defense Lawyers who desperately want to increase their driving distance by 30 yards in between court cases!

Oh yeah...Mr. Lawyer will pay you a lot of money for that club! Why? Because he can. Why argue.

I am often amazed at how many marketers look at the NICHE... soley as a product...or simply as a market. It's obviously both.

More importantly, why not combine affluent niches and go where the money is?

Never understood why that concept is so intimidating or hard?

Affluent niches are often easier... and surely more profitable then a book on--- Humming Birds in Heat...And Why They Destroy The Ozone Layer. Ya think?

xxx Vegas Vince

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    So it means that sell it to someone who have the money to burn and won't care if you overpriced it. They only care about increasing their driving distance.

    If the product can help them improve their golf swing, they will buy it any price because they got too muc money right?
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    Vince, as always, wise words you share.

    Another legend, Gary Halbert, called them "PWM's" (Players With Money).

    Quoted from one of his newsletters:

    What I want to impress upon you is... if possible... you should endeavor to confine your selling efforts to...

    Players With Money!

    Why? First of all, it is easier to sell something to someone with money. It's an obvious fact that person has the money to buy what you're selling. If you've got a $500,000 house for sale, it doesn't matter how appealing the house is if the family you're pitching it to has a pitifully low total income.
    But there's another fact you mustn't overlook. People with money usually means they also have an important character trait most of the "sheep" out there don't possess. Namely...

    They Have The Ability
    To Make A Decision!
    Read the full newsletter here
    The Gary Halbert Letter

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    Great Post Vince,

    It reminds of something that was said to me by a young person a few years back when I asked him what he was going to do when he moved from NY to Sunny Cal.

    He said, "I'm going to hang around rich people, they will pay you to do the funniest things like clean swimming pools and wash their cars."

    George Wright
    "The first chapter sells the book; the last chapter sells the next book." Mickey Spillane
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    Absolutely correct... a product cannot be good if it doesn't have a good market..
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    VegasVince doesn't often start a thread, but when he does, I always read it because they are Gold!
    Thanks, once again, VegasVince!
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