another dumb question

by Jurrie
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hey Guys,

this might seem a dumb question , but to be honest i really have no clue

what does WSO stand for ?

thank you for your answers


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    Warrior Special Offer. It is a section of the forum where Warriors can post special offers for members of the forum only. The deal is that anything posted in the WSO section must be offered at a lower price than it is currently being offered to the general public.

    So it can be a great place to find some quality products at low low prices.

    Oh, and no question is too 'dumb' for this forum. You'll soon learn that!
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    Just hover your mouse over WSO. Warrior forum provides the abbreviation of many terms . All you have to do is to put your curson on that term.

    Here is some examples


    Please don't forget to visit the WSO section

    Warrior Special Offers Forum

    Hope it helps
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    No question is ever a dumb question. Its always good to ask. I had months wondering what LMAO and ROFL meant, but I was too embarrassed to ask anyone, thinking that as much time as I spend online, I should know and everyone may think its a "dumb" question. I finally decided to google it! :-)

    I could have found out MUCH sooner, if I has just asked someone what it meant, the first time I had read it.
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    Darla's right, not quetion is ever dumb we all started at the beginning at some point.

    As for WSO (Warrior Special Offer) if you have a product this is a GREAT place to get it viewed and promote your product.
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      thanx so much everyone for clearing this out
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