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Hi Warriors!

I do a lot of web 2.0 promotions, as you know. Never earned a penny with, ShareaSale, or LinkShare, but Amazon pays off for me in a big way, so I want to share some tips with you on how to make quite a bit of money this holiday using Web 2.0 and an Amazon Associates account:

1.) Sign up for your Amazon associates account and for accounts at Hub Pages, Squidoo, Google Knol, Ezine Articles, and a blog – take your pick of where.

2.) See what’s selling well on Amazon. Go to and scroll down on the left side and there’s a box that says Features & Services. It has subsections in it. In the second subsection titled Amazon Exclusives, click on the second link – Amazon Bestsellers. Start your research with this screen open in one window and a keyword tool of your choice in another.

3.) Find something that sells well. For example, in music – The Eagles Best Of album is the bestseller. So head over to Google keyword external tool and you’ll see how many searches are being done for this rock group. Tons! Pokemon DS is the second bestseller in Electronics. It gets 40k hits a month according to Google.

4.) Once you find your tangible item, do the following: Make a lens, a hub, and a knol about it. Then write an Ezine Article about it. Blog about it. I have a blog called PlanYourChristmas that I promote all sorts of holiday stuff on, one blog entry at a time.

5.) When you create these web 2.0 pages – the lens, hub, and knol – hyperlink text to the results page for that keyword item on Amazon. But ALSO include other types of clickout options, such as the module/capsule options for Amazon on Squidoo and Hub Pages or the Amazon product image/link creation tool using

6.) Watch your stats to see what keywords you’re being found for and then extract those and build web 2.0 pages on those. For example, I discovered through my Squidoo toy lens that a certain brand was getting a lot of sales, not just hits. This is high priced stuff, so commission is higher – so I’m now building lots of lenses on that particular brand.

7.) Promote similar options. Think of the saying, “You want fries with that?” What goes along well with whatever it is you’re promoting? Picture the buyer and think about what else would go into his or her shopping cart.

One thing I LOVE about Amazon is that over $25 orders get FREE SHIPPING. Wow, as a mom of 3, this is important to me. I ALWAYS add to my cart – and not just to $25. While I’m at it, I go overboard almost every time, thinking I might as well get everything I want or need while I’m there.

If you start now, your web 2.0 pages will have time to get indexed, picked up by publishers or passed around by online consumers, being bookmarked, shared, and emailed.

Good luck and let me know if you have any questions!

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  • Wow! Talk about a solid blueprint to make some great seasonal cash. Will definitely put this into action!

    Thanks a ton!
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