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Hi All, most of you don't know me but I'm a (nearly) active member of the forum, usually lurking but sometimes contributing if I feel I have something to add.

I build little affiliate sites, sort of IPK, cross Sniper, cross Bring the Fresh type sites that tend to do OK. I've been busy building Christmas sites since September and have approximately 50, some doing well, some doing bad, but in general I'm doing OK.

One of the sites for some reason was slapped, sandboxed, is dancing, whatever you like to call it in Google, and hence is nowhere to be found. When first indexed it made a few sales but once penalised, it dropped right out of the Google rankings and is doing pretty badly. It ranks first in Yahoo and fourth in Bing so the odd sales trickle through, but nothing compared to some of the other sites.

Anyhow, tonight in the UK a prime time TV show (The One Show) featured several toys from the Dream Dozen toy list and the Hamleys toy list in a 'best toy' competition. The toy that won is the toy that my site features and literally 2 minutes after the TV show finished I had click through notifications flowing in.

So far I've had 163 users click on my aff link this evening since the show finished 2hrs ago, that's all organic traffic from Yahoo and Bing. If only I was still ranking in Google - whoever has the big G top spot will most definitely be seeing a much greater surge this evening!

I'll have to wait until the morning to see how many of these convert to sales but if the other sites are anything to go by, conversion rates are quite high. The click through notifications are still coming in, I've had another 6 since writing this!

We all need a little bit of 'good' luck once in a while
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    Nice man! Kinda sucks you are not on Google tho..

    But still, that's a lot of clicks for 2 hrs.

    Be sure to let us know how many sales you get from it!
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      Great foresight. "Build it and They Will Come" certainly applies here.

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        Nice man! Kinda sucks you are not on Google tho..
        Certainly does, but it's a case of seeing what sticks so I don't dwell on the failures too much. This little surge is a nice little treat though!

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          Be sure to let us know how many sales you get from it!
          19 Sales - I'm very pleased!

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    This could be a good marketing model. I might get Oprah to mention a few of my sites on her show.
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      I had my actual website featured on FoxNews two years back and made a sale nearly every 4 seconds for a full two hours after the broadcast aired...

      Not only that, my competitors would get featured on TV as well and because I out ranked them in google and ppc, most of their search traffic would come to me instead!

      Shows the power of being one step ahead of hot trends, good job!

      --- Work Smart... Not Hard ---

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    If you want good niches, watch late night infomericials.

    They are on their because they convert and convert well.
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