Why you only ever need one gmail account.

by Bane
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Hey guys,

I've written this tip elsewhere a few times but felt that it was worth sharing because I've seen a lot of posts from people saying they use multiple gmail accounts. What I'm going to show you is why you only ever need a single gmail account for any purpose.

So lets say my email is Bane@gmail.com - It isn't (I wish it was) but you get the idea. This email address is actually several at once, and you can make it like that by simply seperating the letters with a . Gmail has a handy feature that means any email that is sent to a variation of your email adress will still go to yours (i,e; if someone types Ba.ne@gmail.com it would still go to me, because it's my email address).

Now: Every service I have ever tried recognises this variation as a completely seperate email address. What does this mean for you? Well let me show you how I do it. Keeping with the core example I'll show you some instances.

Personal : Bane@gmail.com - This I use for friends and family emails.
IM: Ba.ne@gmail.com - This email I use for things like CPA registrations, etc.
Email Lists: b.ane@gmail.com - What I use for email lists so that if I get spammed it's easy to control.
Risky: B.a.n.e@gmail.com - website registration for sites that I am concerned might send me bad things, or that I never want to receive an email from.

Now you can stretch just this simple four letter word to many many email addresses (and the longer your email address is, the more variations you can have). For a while I used to have a very long email address I used to use to have every site registration go to a different email (so I could ALWAYS tell when a business sold my email, or got their servers hacked). I am less worried about that nowadays however.

Remember that within Gmail you can setup filters to make any email that is sent to a specific address sit in a folder, so this is how I continue to make gmail work for me. Make it work for you!

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