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Hey Warriors, happy holidays :-)

There's nothing for sale here... No opt-in or any other nonsense like that. Just excellent information from someone I have always admired.

A short while back I had the pleasure of interviewing George Lois one-on-one, for an hour.

For those of you who haven't heard of George, the guy is an advertising legend.

He introduced and popularized the Xerox Culture.

He made MTV a huge success with his "I want my MTV" campaign, and created the Gourmet Frozen Foods marketing category when he introduced "Lean Cuisine"...

George made the totally unknown Tommy Hilfiger immediately famous with just one ad, and has won countless awards and recognitions.

On the call, we discussed design, inspiration, and several of his famous campaigns.

You can check out the free interview here:

The Faster Webmaster... Bonus


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