Did you order your PomoGranate Phone ?

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This makes IPhone look like one of those first HUGE cell phones
that were released on the market.

Check this out...

Pomegranate | NS08

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    This phone has a revolutionary shape

    Projector?? i can't believe this
    Global Voice Translator?? We won't need to learn any other language

    I would like three of those LOL
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      Did you follow through to the end and click on the release date to discover this is an ad for Nova Scotia?
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    I wonder if it can brew coffee and let you play the harmonica at the SAME time? Now THAT would be really revolutionary!
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    O my goodness...this is an awesome small device. Is it only a prototype or is it ready to go in to market? Yea seems like its an ad for Novascotia when i click "release date".

    Make Coffee, shaver?? That crazy...and made me think about the hygienic of the phone though, how could we clean it up after each use i.e. brewing coffee and shaving.
    But really really COOL phone!
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      I hear that it will actually do your home work for you and manage your websites and build new websites for you all well your sleeping.

      I am looking for ad swaps pm me if you are too!

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    It turns out really is an ad campaign for Nova Scotia. I look up to goggle..and yep the Nova Scotia Government Department of Tourism released it, here is one of the blog.
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    I hear that they are already being sued. Supposedly they gave a prototype to Robin Williams - he used it, and then sold it on ebay. The person that bought it, used the coffee maker app, and ended up choking to death on a hairball. I guess Robin used the shaver app to shave his back, and never cleaned it out.
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      Originally Posted by Kim Standerline View Post

      flippin heck

      I thought it was real until it started making coffee (blush)

      Same here - and the sad part is, someone sent me the link to that page before and I never noticed anything funny about it. I just knew that I probably wouldn't be able to afford it, so I didn't pay much attention to it.
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