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I recently found a website called Idea A Day. So, I thought I would share every idea I get with fellow warriors. I encourage you to share your ideas. As Seth Godin says

"Ideas die unless they are shared"
My latest idea is to provide a complete 'product in a box' solution for Clickbank affiliates. As an affiliate myself, I shy away from building products. Its too much trouble. However, imagine a service whereby someone would create a product for me.

Any other ideas?

Great Stuff!
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    My idea is to organize the info into easy to use fashion. Lists, mind maps, diagrams.. I esp. like the infographics.
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    My idea would be to provide complete lists of Amazon products per niche for amazon affiliates. That could save affiliates a lot of time having to find bestselling products in their selected niche.
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      My idea today is to launch a property website with personal tours of the homes for sale. Too many property sites only show photos. The ones with video take weeks to upload. In the age of the 'flip camera', this is outdated.

      Users can request the filming of a property and, within 24 hours, it'll be uploaded to the site. This saves the users having to arrange first visits only to find they dislike the property. It also helps overseas buyers.

      I make my money by selling the leads to local property estate agents. I start by visiting all the houses in my local area with a 'for sale' sign outside. Average commission payments will be 1% of the selling price (say £2,000). So I just need a few sales per month.

      I get traffic by using google ads placement and targeting the property websites with only photos. The ad would say "Get A Full Video Tour Of The Homes For Sale On This Page"
      Here is my first draft of the squeeze page.

      Buy House UK

      Keep the ideas coming. Great Stuff! Paul
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    My idea today is to gather all the PR1 and above directories list and have a Grease monkey script to submit to those directories auto
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    My idea is to transform physical apple into php code.
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      Provide a product in the Make Money Online niche that is useful in other way than telling you how to make money.
      Signature - PPC agency

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