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Hi, I hope your night is going well. I just had a question about eBay. I'm wanting to sell a few things on there from time to time, and I've noticed that some users on there seem to have more than one account and they're open about it. My question is, why would anyone even want to do that and is it against eBay policy? Yes, I admit I could thoroughly read the TOS, but I figured I could save a little time by asking.

By the way, I've been on eBay for years. I just don't know some of the ins and outs.
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    It is against their TOS to have multiple accounts, although it's relatively easy to get around this.

    People have multiple accounts in case one of their accounts becomes suspended. Many sellers who rely on eBay would not feel comfortable relying on only one account, as eBay has been know to suspend accounts for next to nothing.
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    Agree, it can be handy to have a backup account, but it is against their TOS and if they find out you might have all accounts closed.

    If you do set up a second account, never log into both without clearing your cookies in between and you should also reset your IP address between logins too
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    People that us multiple accounts more than likely probably go through a proxy.

    But, in my opinion, you should be focusing more on your ebay business and what you're going to be selling and doing?

    Violating the TOS of any site is a questionable practice and having multiple accounts just might scare off your customers. Some of your more hardcore ebay shoppers will check you out before purchasing from you.

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    Ok, thanks for the answers Yeah, I thought it was kind of weird cause there was this one person on there that said right in the listing that they had another account! I was pretty surprised.
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    Actually, no, it is fine to have more than one account on eBay, as long as you have different email addresses for each. Here's a blurb from their site:

    ************************************************** **
    Can I create a second account?
    Yes, you can, as long as you use a different user ID and email address. You might find it convenient to have a second account if you buy or sell a large number of items and want to organize them better, or if you’re buying or selling a completely different kind of item and want to keep your accounts separate.
    Just make sure that:
    • The two accounts are never used in the same listing.
    • Both accounts have different user IDs and different email addresses.
    Please note that in some cases where a member has two accounts and one becomes suspended, their second account may also be subject to restriction.

    I myself have more than one account, in order to keep different types of businesses separate. it works well for me that way and has never been an issue!

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      I didn't think it was against ebay's TOS if you have more than one account. I know people who use one account for buying and the other for selling.

      I believe it's a problem only if you get suspended and you keep making new accounts but people do that everyday.
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        I've had 2 ebay accounts for years and have discussed them with eBay customer service from time to time in taking care of issues. Like the poster said above you just have different email address.

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