How to Separate Facebook Fan Page from Personal Facebook Account??

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Hi Warriors
I have a personal facebook account but considering setting up a company fan page.

So how can I separate the business from the personal if I don't want my customers to see my personal one? Also, is the fan page the same as company facebook page or do you set up separate fan pages within the company facebook page? I am a little confused or is the fan page and company facebook the same?

Also, I wonder if you can communicate with your fans or is this disabled so that you cannot communicate with them? I saw some posts on the web that you cannot anymore but not sure if this is true...What is the point of having fans if you cannot communicate?

thanks a million
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    You just create a new fan page within your personal account. No one is able to see who created the fan page. And if you are logged into your normal account and you post to the fanpage, it shows up as the fanpage has posted the content, not you.

    You can communicate with your fans by just posting things to your fan page - it will then show up in the news feed of all your fans. But you can't private message your fans or anything like that. That option is only available in Facebook groups and you must have UNDER 5,000 members in order to do so.

    And yes, fan pages are what most businesses use to promote themselves on Facebook. So go ahead and start a fan page within your normal account and don't worry.
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    In addition to the above reply, when you want to make your fans engage on your fan page by communicating via Wall Posts, enable the option in your wall settings to do so. Of course you can delete the posts you find irrelevant.
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