How to reverse a paypal payment??

by dabuzz
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Hey gang..

I accidently sent some bucks from paypal to
a wrong email address!

Just missed an alphabet in the email and realized it later.

So how can I get it back? Is there some hidden option in paypal?
Or what do I say to the paypal support team?

Anyone experienced anything like this before?


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    Hi Shariq,

    It depends if the payment you sent has been claimed or not.

    If you log into your paypal account and can see the payment you made,
    look to see if it states out to the right the word Unclaimed if so click on it
    and there should be a way to cancel the transaction.

    Hope that Helps.
    Have a Great Day!
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    I would send an email to the address you sent the payment to and explain the mistake. Most people will simply refund it immediately. Put PayPal support in the CC line...Most people do not realize you cannot email paypal direct.
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