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Hi Warriors!

Like a lot of peple here, I've been reading the Offline Gold thread... Great stuff!

In the interest of positioning, not prospecting (Dan Kennedy maxim: "Prospecting Sucks") I'd like to create a special report/audio CD that I can offer free to businesses looking to increase their profits and customer base while lowering their overall marketing expenses and waste in their marketing programs. (Which is what we all know IM does.)

But I don't think me talking -- alone -- on a CD will sound so great. Yes, it could be done, but I think an interview format sounds better. And so I'm looking for a Warrior to interview me for my CD.

If you'd like to work with me, I'd be willing to interview you for your own CD if you'd like to do it. Given the recession-like conditions (some people are still debating whether we're truly in a recession), I think this will be a fabulous lead generation tool for those wanting to take their IM skills to their local business community.

(You can take the recording and get it duplicated to CD in very small quantities -- even just 1 or 2 -- with companies like Speaker Fulfillment Services.)

I'd also share the report I'll write with you. You can use it as is if you like, but that's probably not likely as I'm targeting a couple of specific niches. But it would only require some minor tweaking to make it ready for the niches you'd like to target. I'm a copywriter so this is a bonus for anyone who wants to work with me and feels like they could use some help in that area.

I'm looking for someone who's native language is English, someone who is articulate and comfortable on the phone and preferably someone who lives in the US. This is a JV, so you'll bear your own long-distance telephone expenses and any other costs. I don't think gender matters.

Someone who'd like to brainstorm together and share our progress together, etc... too would be nice. It's so easy to work in a vacuum online and I think someone to work with and share experiences with would be very helpful and motivating to us both.

Any takers? Please post here or PM me.


P.S. Here are a couple of tips which I think will really help anybody interested in the offline gold project:

1. There have been a LOT of questions posted on that thread. As David and others have said, it's not too hard, but I know we all feel a lot of angst when it comes to putting ourselves out there. A book that I think is especially applicable to this project is Dan Kennedy's "No B.S. Sales Success: The Ultimate No Holds Barred, Kick Butt, Take No Prisoners, Tough and Spirited Guide."

It's a whopping $10 and you can likely find it at your local bookstore. All of his No B.S. books are great, but this one does offer specific strategies for sales and I think it wuld help a lot of people who have questions on that thread. I was just re-reading it, I think it's especially applicable to the offline gold project. Most important, it will help you go from "uninvited pest" to "welcome guest" status -- to position yourself instead of prospecting.

Because prospecting sucks!

2. Also, if you're look for a sales presentation to model for selling your online marketing services to offline businesses, go to Michael Senoff's site -- Internet Marketing Seminars | Hard to Find Seminars | Michael Senoff -- and look for the recording of Dan Kennedy making a speech (i.e. sales presentation) about his Magnetic Marketing methods. (He was selling his Magnetic Marketing kit which sold for $399 for YEARS I believe.)

I believe this is a great model for the offline gold project. Just tailor it to your situation. You can listen or download it for free at

Internet Marketing Seminars | Hard to Find Seminars | Michael Senoff (Scroll waaay down the page to find it.)

BTW, you will have to opt in to get access.

Hope that helps!

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