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We are thinking out expanding our ebook platform into new topics. What topics are not (i.e. flying off the shelf)? I guess while I'm asking, what is not as well?
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    you can use the ClickBank marketplace to see what ebooks are trending right now.. from a quick look I found that Internet Marketing how-to ebooks are up (generating web traffic, affiliate marketing done right, etc) as well as stock / forex how-to ebooks.

    Things that are “not” hot right now include a lot of topics, but mostly things that are too specialized and would not be interesting to a large target audience.

    For example, “How to Hit a Baseball Perfectly” is a lot harder to sell than “How to make money selling baseball trading cards on eBay”.

    Best of luck!
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      I didn't think in terms of a 'topic', per se, like training dogs, when I wrote my course...

      Instead, I looked at actual startup websites, on Killerstartups.com, and looked for sites that had promise to have a huge aggregation of users.

      I then looked to see if those users had any problems or issues that could be addressed through a product....a better way to use the site? etc...

      Jackpot! Do that, and you'll find a pre-manufactured userbase that can be directly marketed to....

      Of course, this approach has worked for me...it may not work for others....

      P.s. In a book I read recently called "the Wealthy Freelancer", the authors detail a story about a company that wrote a book specifically targeted to people who were interested in wearing their own pets fur/hair as clothing...the book went on to detail how exactly to do that...

      It sold well. Apparently, there was a huge market for that.

      Think outside the box
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        Hi Lisa,

        You can check Clickbank (previously mentioned) as well as Amazon and other book lists.

        Usually health, wealth, and career topics fare very well but don't discount smaller "niche" areas.

        They often have dedicated followers hungry for well thought out, practical information.

        That being said, I don't know how many niches you're in but it might be better to go deeper than wider as you already have a pre-built customer base.

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