Challenge to Warriors Profiting from Facebook PPC..Are You Up To It!?

by eric w
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Hi fellow warriors....i just received this in my email from Facebook.....


Dear Eric,
Your ads have not been running for some time, so we thought we would welcome you back with $50 in free advertising just in time for the holidays!"


So now, I have $50 in free ppc advertising with Facebook....What warrior out there can describe to me the best Facebook ppc method for making consistent profits, without spending another dime...

I mean, a winning campaign or campaigns, starting with $50, without spending another dime....I don't mind hearing all ideas, but I would prefer to hear from warriors who are actually profiting now with Facebook ppc...

Keep in mind that I make my money (alot I may add) from ebay and adsense...

I've dabbled in adwords and facebook ppc..below are the ads I ran in facebook ppc with absolutely NO Profit...some ads kept getting rejected, so I stopped

cafe world
farmbot 2.1
fat furnace
iq test

I don't have much experience with ppc, but I do have some..

If I have to buy a domain and/or aweber, that's not a problem for extra expenses, but I want to see who can help me to profits starting with only $50...

Now, let's see who can deliver..

#challenge #facebook #ppcare #profiting #warriors

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