So i just got this Pr9 backlink?

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Im still self teaching myself this on the fly and am very much a novice so I hope its ok to ask a noobish question. Using sypglass i tracked down a Pr9 link and was able to get it linked back to my site. To my joy it showed up tonight but, when spyglass finished its query it turned out to be a nofollow Pr9 sigh, so my question is does that have anymore value then a nofollow Pr4 for example. Thank you for your replies.
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    Why don't you try it out? No harm in placing a link on PR9 site whether no-follow or not. Just give it a try. You don't know when Google will do the unexpected lol
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      Its there already, its just that I when i saw it on the other site using spyglass it was a yes, follow, so i was kina deflated when it got to mysite as a no follow
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    You sure the actual URL (not domain!) is PR9? Even with certainly cant hurt. For me it seems that some links (eg. wikihow etc.) which are NF are valued highly by Google.
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      ya its the domain sorry still learning
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        Well if it makes you feel better, you should be getting a mix of follow and nofollow links to make your links look more natural.
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    I do not think nofollow links are worthless as I've had them for sites before and done fine with a mix of both nofollow and dofollow and the nofollow links even showed up more in backlink checkers. Got a couple of really good ones that seemed to even boost my rankings a little.

    So don't fret but wait a bit and see if it really is giving you a solid boost.
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