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by Mhoram
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When I go looking for blogs to comment on, naturally I run across many that are hosted on Blogger/Blogspot. These give me the option of linking from my comment to my own Blogger profile, or (usually) entering a name and URL. Obviously the fastest and most convenient way is to let it link to my Blogger profile, but at best that still leaves the person a click or two away from my actual site. (Other methods like OpenID seem to work much the same way.) Putting in my URL gets them straight there, but it also takes longer, and in many cases it means my comment is moderated and may never show up.

So I'm wondering how people here handle it. Do you go to the trouble to fill in your direct URL, or do you try to dress up your Blogger profile enough that it helps more than hurts, or do you just avoid these blogs? Or some other idea I'm not seeing? Thanks!
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    Hey Mohoram,

    I personally use url on those such blogs.

    But when looking for blogs to comment on I look for blogs with comluv installed so I can get a link back to my last blog post (it lets you choose from a dropdown menu of ten)

    And I also look for blogs with keyword luv installed too, so I can through in some relevant niche keywords too.

    And lastly I look for do-follow blogs too.

    Hope that helps, I'm pretty new to blogging, so perhaps more experience warriors can chip in on this for you.

    I did hear there is auto blog commenting software but I have never tried that method.

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