Is there any need for a newbie guide to traffic?

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Hey everyone,

I'm a little confused at the moment! I started making this guide with my top picks for getting traffic just for my friends to read it, but it's shaping up pretty nice actually. I can see some potential in this if I put it up as a WSO if I polish it and make it into a PDF - but I don't know if it's a good idea. Is there a need for a newbie guide to traffic sources? I go into a bunch of detail explaining these sources, but it already seems there are a lot of traffic guides in the WSO section.

Thoughts on this?
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    Yeah but like you have recognised already there is alot of them floating around already. If your offering a unique guide with evidence to back up what your selling then you could cash in.

    You could also build a list off the product, the money is in the list after all
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  • You may have answered your own question. Since there seems to be a lot in the forum on traffic for newbies already, would your guide add anything new, different, exciting, challenging? Would it reveal something that even the old hands haven't seen or heard before, a new twist on something(s) that's already out there.

    How much of what you write will be a rehash of what's already in the forum and anyone with half-a-brain could find if they just put their minds to it? Food for thought as you want your reputation in the Warrior Forum to be stellar.

    The seasoned veterans will know immediately whether you got game or you're playing games. And, they'll let everybody know one way or the other. This place is the bomb!!!

    So, your answer is whether you can deliver a value-added quality product that newbies can use and the veterans will respect.

    I hope this helps.
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