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Luckily that was from the 17th July..

I just found this image on my desktop.. thought I'd post it now, since we have images

Today USD = about 0.87
Which is a LOT better..

I remember when it was 0.51

Man those were the days, every $10.000 USD check I deposited ended up close to $19,000 Aussie bucks.. ( I remember those days of having to deposit checks ((everything is electronic now)), the girls at the bank would smile and pull me from the back on the line every time. They couldn't believe this dude rocking up with big Checks every week all the way from the USA LOL)

So when I transferred that money above from paypal to my bank account, man.. It was a Very Sad Site... 1 to 1

Hopefully you guys in the US will get your act together and improve your economy so I can make a ton more cash like the good ol days :p


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