Outsourcing someone for traffic?

by AFI
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I know that you can outsource someone to get backlinks for you but do they have such things as "traffic specialists" or what would they be called? I've discovered that my sites convert, my only issue is traffic. So if I wanted to outsource someone to get traffic for me, what is it called?
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    You could try someone on freelancer.com. There's a lot of people who own massive email lists but I have no idea how they actually got the emails, chances are there's probably a lot of spam involved with actually outsourcing traffic.

    When it comes to outsourcing your best bet is to pick a strategy that works and then outsource components of it to save yourself time / multiply your own efforts :-)

    Of course if anyone else knows differently, then do share...
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      Yeah I wouldn't want any spam involved. Is this something that you could hire a virtual assistant for? :confused:

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        If you look in the warrior for hire section, they've got people there that can help you. In terms of getting traffic, there are probably a number of things you could do: get more backlinks, have article written for you, etc.

        I don't think they specifically categorize themselves in "traffic" per se. They simply announce what service they can perform for you at the price they're offering. If you peruse in that section, you can get an idea what they're offering.
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          I agree with the guys above. Traffic is one of those things that are pretty abstract. how you get it all depends on your strategy and budget. I have friends who have hired publicist while some have just relied on SEO techniques. It's a mixed bag. Sometimes it depends on what your product is and what your market is.

          If you have a local based product, sometimes local based marketing can do wonders for web traffic-- in other cases it fails miserably lol.
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