Where are you with your article marketing?

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As I've stated in previous posts, I started article marketing about 3 weeks ago. I've had a few $100+ days during that time, just marketing cb products. There were a few days where I didn't write articles and I didn't make any money.

I'm wondering, where you guys are with your article marketing. How many articles do you have? How many do you submit each day? Are you marketing cb products or your own?

I wonder how many articles do I have to write in order to produce a sale a day even if I stopped writing for a while...is that possible?
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    If you have had a few 100+ days and have only been doing this for 3 weeks then you can tell me what you are doing.

    Your content in the form of articles will continue to work for you so you can get to the point where you only need to write a few articles a week to keep on making money.

    Its on the start up that things are slow to convert into cash.......

    ..... except for you who seem to have done very well in 4 weeks only

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    Originally Posted by Bill_Lawrence View Post

    I wonder how many articles do I have to write in order to produce a sale a day even if I stopped writing for a while...is that possible?
    Whether it's possible depends on which model of article marketing you're using, Bill.

    If you go for the "fast-traffic, fast-sales, high-CTR, write-for-clicks, call-to-action, rinse-and-repeat" model, then it's very, very difficult indeed (if not impossible) to sustain the income when you stop work. The problem with this model is that in reality you have to keep on rinsing and repeating continually, otherwise most of the income dries up. It's not so much a "building a business, residual income" model of article marketing.

    As against this, you've done very well indeed to get off to such a great start as having some $100 days within 3 weeks of starting, which I certainly didn't manage, myself, when I started 2 years ago. So I'm not well placed to advise you, am I?!
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    You have to keep writing as many articles you can. However, try writing good ones that will remain online and appear in the first pages of the search engines instead of disappearing after their first days of publication. Only good articles keep sending visitors to your website for years.

    If you write cheap articles, you’ll have to keep writing without feeling that you can ever rest. If you won’t produce, you won’t sell.

    However, you are doing very well because you are selling your products. Other people write many articles but sell nothing in the end.
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    Earning something after 3 weeks? what did you write about. God, i've been blogging for, I don't know how long, and I still have to see a dollar sign in my adsense. Any help, please?

    Somebody said "good content." But what is good content? Can somebody please quantify this?

    Joseph M. Dabon
    Blogger and freelance writer. I belong to Ezine's Expert Author, Diamond, level. Visit me at

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    I'm not really a novice. I've been making money online for nearly 10 years but article marketing is somewhat new to me.

    For me, I'm constantly researching things to see what's been working for other people. I use google a lot to find out things I'm struggling with. I ask questions here in the forum as well.

    All I can say is keep giving the effort and don't give up. I believe great titles/headlines are the key....I build my articles based on my titles...it works for me.
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    Congrats man! Sounds like you're ahead of the game doing that in 3 weeks. Haha

    I guess I need to up my game, but I'm the type that nitpicks over my articles before I send them out. I'm a big fan of quality over quantity and it seems to work out pretty well for me. I've also done pretty well in some pretty obscure, tiny niches ... and I think a lot of that has to do with providing awesome content, but inviting them to see super detailed info on my site. It draws them in and I've built some good lists with not a lot of articles out there.
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      I was going to start doing some article marketing, but Ezine articles apparently has a rule against writing about using PLR. (They seem to think PLR is bad.) Since PLR is my business and I want to get some links, this is what I was obviously planning on writing about.

      There are other articles about PLR on Ezine, but I don't know if they've been there since before they made that rule.

      So right now I'm just trying to find some other article directories that will give me the benefits of Ezine. (Or at least close.) Do you guys have any recommendations of other places to put articles up? If you could list them here that would be great, that way I can go check the guidelines.

      Thanks, and I hope you continue to see that kind of success with your marketing!
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    I use article marketing for linkbuilding only in order to push the site in google. The traffic from google is much higher than from the articles themselves
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    i would highly suggest picking up this software: article marketing robot. you can get it here on the forum for about 80 bucks from sniper software, his name is vince. with it you can submit your articles in spun format, and use the scheduler option to keep them looking regular. it is absolutley the best software of it's kind i have tested, and i've tested a lot of them. i set my submissions to 30 every 24 hours, and it has been highly effective for me in getting site traffic and leads.

    just a suggestion.


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    Honestly, there really is no fixed amount to say how many articles are needed to make a sale. It really depends on how good your article is and how effective your clickthrough rate is. For me i just find that its best to just keep writing articles. Because you never know which are the articles that will hit you a home run.
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