What is the number of my wordpress homepage?

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Wondering if any techies could answer this question. I've installed a Plugin called No 404 Errors which redirects any 404 pages to the page of my choice. The plugin asks for a 'Wordpress Page number' Now I know how to find the page number, but not for my homepage - would really appreciate someone telling me what number to use?
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    Hey, I am not so sure the homepage has a page number, the homepage is the index file in the root folder of your installation.

    Say you have installed wordpress in the main directory then your homepage would be yourdomain.com/index.php and if you have installed within another directory then it would be yourdomain.com/directory/index.php and so on. Not everyone uses page numbers, I know I do not for SEO reasons. try entering the above and see how it goes.

    If you need to redirect to the homepage but the above doesn't work, try activating the plugin but leaving it blank, this may forward it on to the root directory. Failing that you could create another page and put a redirect script back to your homepage.

    Hope this may have helped.
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    I don't think it has one. Just for giggles, try 0 or 1 and see what happens.

    I'm all about that bass.

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    I think I've found a solution for you:

    To find the page number simply hover over the edit link on the list of pages page on the dashboard. The main plugin then intercepts 404 errors, redirects the browser to this page and assigns a 301 code. The only minor complication is that your error page will appear in the output of the wp_list_pages function. The solution is to add the page number to the exclude parameter wherever that function is called.

    Hope this helps
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    Thanks a lot guys - what a great forum this is!
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    Tried leaving it blank and, what do you know, it goes back to the homepage! Bingo....
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