WSO forum is a goldmine for MANY...

by KarlWarren 13 replies
...47 WSOs and counting since the new forum launched

@ $20 that's closing in on $1000 in less than 12 hours

Now, if only I could reach into Allen's brain and
extract the knowledge.
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  • Yeah, and we happily give him our money, too.

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      Yep. Posted a WSO this morning on the Old Forum and I've made. over $140 already.

      Not Bad!

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        Well lets hope the new forum will keep up the momemtum on the wso's.

        I see a slight lag in visitors at the wso area but thats expected after such a swift change.

        Frank Bruno
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          I love this new technology and all of the hard work and effort Allen has brought to the table. Is the Warrior Forum a Goldmine? Heck yeh! Allen deserves everything he can get! He busts his butt! And is the WF a goldmine for Warriors? It sure can be if you offer the right product at the right price!

          Scott Woodside

          The number 1 Choice for Audio Production!
          Member, Screen Actor's Guild

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            I wonder how sales will go in general.

            I think sales will be VERY SLOW for a good few weeks at the minimum.

            There WILL be confusion and all that, so I hope people are working on OTHER ways to make money and NOT JUST RELYING on the WF.

            Wake up call.

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              The money that people will make here is going to be completely off the hook.

              Ability to create your own groups, blog and following. The more prolific of us have had following for a while but there was really no way to know who all was watching you. NOW with this new board we see exactly who is following us and paying attention to our every word.

              This is going to be even a larger resource than ever before and the ability to grow a list and give people the opportunity to throw money at us is quite a huge opportunity Allen is giving us.

              Of course you do NOT want to focus entirely on the warriors but with combination of other advertising and marketing endeavors this new forum will be incredible for those that know how to take full advantage of it.

              This is going to be so huge, but also will be taken advantage of I have no doubt by people with no understanding of the value this membership gives you. Though now with the ability to unsubscribe from people the members will let it be known what is and is not acceptable to them and the control has been placed in our the members hands.

              Thank you Allen, this is going to be a huge asset for those of us that really understand the value of this place.

              - Terry
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                Originally Posted by Imran Naseem View Post

                I Disagree.

                Unless you have a good product I do not think the recent changes will have a massive affect on the sales.

                Just my 2 cents.

                I have 5-6 WSO's going.

                Sales have dropped.

                Of course change plays a big part.
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                  WSO is really a gold mine to both members of the forum and the owner , there are many members here who start their gold mine and success in IM using the WSO.
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                  Originally Posted by adeel-chowdhry View Post

                  I have 5-6 WSO's going.

                  Sales have dropped.

                  Of course change plays a big part.
                  Plus not many people are here yet. It's only been a wee while since the notice went up that the old Forum is closed.

                  I'd give it a few days before the previous body of membership starts fully transferring over.

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                    I think in 1 weeks time the traffic to the WSO forum will be back up.
                    If not it will be a great loss to the community

                    My first IM products I purchased on the WSO forum(desperate buyers only)
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