Whats The Best Way to Increase your ALEXA Rating?

by Sean A McAlister 6 replies
Hey there guys and gals,

I am sure this probably has to do with linking...and traffic generation

but are there any specific strategies for increasing
your rank?

Is it specific to the amount of 1 way links?
Social Book Marketing?
Article submission etc?

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    Linking Strategy and traffic generation systems aren't going to effect your Alexa Rating all that much and hardly at All on a short term.

    Alexa is kinda funny and unreliable.

    What do you want it for?

    There's only two reasons I can think of to exploit the Alexa Rating. Both reasons are what I call "The 15 minutes of Fame Flame".

    1. You buy your way in through paid traffic and lots of it. This will "maybe" get you a spot on thier Movers and Shakers spot light.

    2. Then Drop all your traffic campaigns and you get to add another 15 minutes of fame flame on thier Biggest Losers spot.

    If your using it to look good for some site flipping...again...just buy cheap traffic hits.

    That's all it takes to manipulate their system.
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    The best way is to get a lot of traffic from internet marketers. They are statistically more likely to have the toolbar installed than the average web surfer, so they'll more quickly drive up your ranking.

    I have some niche sites that get 20x the traffic of an IM site, but the IM site has a higher ranking b/c a lot more of its visitors have the toolbar installed.

    Hope that helps,

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      If you want just the traffic, there are a lot of places where you can get it...

      There are sites that send X number of visitors to your site for X dollars..

      One of them is AdMinder V3.3 Website Advertising Manager - Automated. Proven. Guaranteed.

      (not an affiliate link)

      Another way to get traffic is to put your site on an Auto Traffic Exchange. I know it's not the best way to get traffic. But the best part is you can get traffic without having to do anything.

      But my opinion would to be to focus on improving backlinks to your site so that it has a good pagerank. Alexa rankings mean nothing if your site doesn't have a good pagerank.

      Hope that helps,

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