I am tired of this server side software s@$t!!!

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Now I am just venting here but it pisses me off that I purchase a piece of IM software and them everytime I change or have to do a reinstall of software on my computer....I have to email their customer support...only to find out they only had reseller's rights and offer no kind of customer support...

I have a few pieces of software like this which I had to confined to the recycle bin.....especially one which I used extensively and which belonged to a fellow Warrior and when I emailed to have it re-activated was told check the seller, I emailed him and got no reply...nothing!!! I finally gave up after many tries.....

With the prevalence of malware, virus etc...or simply changing your computer, sometimes it's inevitable that you will have to re-install at some time.

My policy now is, unless the software offers exceptional value, I am not purchasing unless it runs exclusively from my machine....

Too much stress.....

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    Well, I guess it HAD to happen. That is one reason why I HATE the idea of resell rights like this. Technically, the creator doesn't have to support it, and the seller may not have the faintest idea how, or even CARE to. I wish you luck though. I guess outside of REALLY simple, or ubiquitus software, you could be up the proverbial creek.

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