I think I'm going to turn off my google alerts it's Killing Me!

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Twice this week I've seen news of me dying.

Does anyone else here have a G-Alert set up to see where your name pops
up on the web? I think I might turn mine off for a while as it's starting to get
depressing. :rolleyes:

Here is the latest G-Alert I received,
COLUMBIA (AP, WACH)- Richland County Coroner Gary Watts has identified 49 year-old Michael Mayo as the man killed after being hit by a fire truck in Columbia Wednesday night.

According to the Highway Patrol a Columbia Fire Department truck hit Mayo and another pedestrian around 11:30 p.m. Wednesday near Providence Hospital.

Watts says Mayo and an unidentified friend were in a convenience store and ran into the roadway after...Full Story
Oh and this was the G-Alert Headline:
Headline - Columbia Fire department spreads Mayo on street ...
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    lol Yeah turn that thing off...

    Seems that the name Michael Mayo don't have a good life span...

    Hope you'll be fine


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    Hah wow. I just thought they were annoying so I stopped reading them but that is insane. Turn them off before you start getting panic attacks!
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    Ha ha!

    No I don't have an alert set up but it looks kinda cool so I'm gonna go do it!

    Hopefully I get more happier alerts than you though

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      What is it with you Michael Mayos being hit with vehicles? At least the one that hit you was smaller than a fire truck
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    I turned mine off a long time ago. It was more annoying than useful for me.

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    I feel sorry for your death mate...Now that you have a 2nd attempt at life, live it to the fullest!
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      Originally Posted by ArticleGrinder View Post

      I feel sorry for your death mate...Now that you have a 2nd attempt at life, live it to the fullest!
      Second? It's happened twice this week already! Hopefully the third time won't
      prove the belief that this stuff happens in threes!

      Have a Great Day!
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