8 (Must Read) Behavioral Strategies to Help You Exceed $1,000 In Profit Per Day

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As an affiliate marketer and managing a company that provides client based SEO & PPC services. I have been on some crazy roller coaster rides. I have built out advertising campaigns that have done millions. At the same time I have failed many times and lost a lot of money.

I believe that you all can make money online. There is a lot of us that want to make a living on the internet. There again, a lot of you can do this which I truly believe you can. However, you have to ask yourself how bad you want it. In addition to that, are you able to go through everything it takes to become more successful.

With all that being said, I wanted to cover some essential details. I want to cover some essential factors as what making money online is about. I am listing a list of behavioral strategies from my personal experiences. I am hoping these will help you in your ventures.

Behavioral Strategies:

I can't insinuate how important motivation is. Your motivation determines what you will get done. You have to be motivated regardless of the situation your in. People will try to attack you as much as possible. However, you must stay motivated regardless of what anyone does or says.

I will have to admit, I lost my motivation several times. However, I was too determined to start making money online. I use to literally make nothing online for months straight. It was a bit discouraging at times. But I kept my motivation going strong.

Avoid Social & Outside Influence

I use to be a waiter at Applebee's about 7 years ago. I use to get all kinds of negative feedback from co-workers. I would talk about how I'm starting my business and what my goals are. A lot of people was like, go to college. They thought I was thinking out of my mind as far as my goals go.

If you happen to be one of them people stuck in this type of environment. Just keep in mind that a lot of these people do not think creatively, outside the box, and big. Sad to say, most of them will be working at restaurants the rest of their life.

Don't take me wrong, there is nothing wrong with that. We are all happy with different careers in our lives. Some of us just prefer to have more then others. Some of us think a lot larger then others.

I even had family telling me it's competitive out there. It's going to be really hard being self employed. However, a few years later they totally change their mind about all that.

When they started to see the type of money I started making, the house I was living in, the car I paid for up front, and etc. They started to get a totally different perspective on what I was doing.

Even before this I never let it get to me. I avoided all negativity at all cost. Regardless of what mood I was in or what anyone had to think. I was determined to move forward and do what it takes.

Be a Statistical Person

Be a statical personal in business. When I say be statical I mean calculate the odds of everything. Be a person that micronizes in on everything you do in business.

This can take a lot of discipline and practice. Do not be lazy and slack in this area. I'm telling you a statical person in business is important.

I use to be sloppy when I first started. As I kept failing at the, I would start to feel challenged. My response to this was to become better and look more into it.

I should of been doing this from the get go. Instead I wasted a lot of time by not doing the best I could from the beginning.

Don't Replicate, Think Outside the Box

I can't say how important this is especially in affiliate marketing. If you are someone trying to make it an affiliate marketing. Then you must remember to think out side the box.

Never ever assume a market is profitable because of what someone else is doing. In addition, don't be a copy cat, don't think your going to make money at something because someone else is.

Instead, you have to think creatively. Think in terms of what can I test and where can I test it at. The person with this mind set will go far in business. They will make millions if they put enough effort into this strategy.

The Positive Thinker

The positive thinker is always successful. He / she is that type of person that never thinks about failing. They are someone that is continuously persistent regardless of what type of environment their living in.

I would highly recommend you read some books on this. I have read almost all of Napoleon Hill's books. I will have to say by reading his books, they structured my mind a bit better. I look at business and life in a totally new perspective.

Be Effective With Business Associates

Being influential and effective with your employees, contractors or business associates is important. By you becoming effective with people, you have a stronger influence on them. If you are someone that can create influence you are a strong leader (you get your way with people).

I have also read many books in this area as well. If you have not read this book I would recommend it. It's called Dale Carnegie, How to Win Friends and Influence People. This is a must read, if you haven't read it, get the book.

Think Less Give More

In business, you should always think less and give more. Don't always expect to get more back from what your doing. You have to be reasonable with yourself. You have to realize that business and success takes dedication and discipline.

You will get to that point where you are giving less to get more. However, that is something that comes with time and effort. Always be sure give more; therefore you might break even or get more back then expected.

Become Self-Educated

I actually never went to college. However, I do better then PHD graduates. I'm not trying to sound better then anyone that has went to college. Because believe me I truly like colleges and I think everyone should go. Colleges are very important. I have a lot of respect for anyone that has earned a PHD (I think highly of them).

However, colleges can only supply you with a certain type of education. The most comprehensive education you are going to get is through experience and effort.

I am an avid reader, last year I read around ~60 books. These books were text based books. Some of them are the same books they use in college.

This is a sign of self-motivation and -disciplined person. Try to become one of these people. This will play a key factor in your independence in business. No one is going to spoon feed you. No one can take better care of you then what you can.


The whole concept behind making money online is dedication. You have to avoid wanting to quit or getting distracted by the obstacles that might occur. We all experienced tough times in our life. However, time and persistent will make you better at what you do. You will become stronger and more dedicated eventually nothing will stress or get you down.

My company and I are also willing to share our strategies. Strategies that have generated huge amounts of profits (above and beyond the normal). I have a book being released soon. Visit our Digital Marketing Landscape page for more information.

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