Need marketing help URGENTLY to promote Christmas book!!

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I've just finished creating a Christmas product and would really love to have some help in promoting it. Here's the link--

Wacky Christmas Games

Can anyone tell me how best to promote it given the short time frame?

Right now the only idea I have is to contact christmas/games related sites/blogs, explain the affiliate program and ask if they'd be interested in featuring it..

Can anyone give me any other suggestions as to how to get it out there fast?

I'd love to hear any suggestions on this...!!

I'd be also thrilled to hear from anyone who can also help me by taking on some of the marketing--If you are interested in this type of deal please do PM me your offer.

I'm currently finishing up some other Christmas products and am finding it very hard to write, design and market it myself--So would really love some help...Anyone interested in promoting it would have more than one product to promote and I'm going to set up the entry product to include a 100% affiliate commission.

Thank you!

P.S--If anyone can point me to people who would be interesting in taking up the marketing side for me please do--I'd really appreciate it--Frankly I'm overwhelmed with developing/finishing the products..
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    This is a good candidate for publicity.

    Edit: Ooops! I see you're in India. You might still be able to do this in India, but I have no knowledge of media in India. Still, submit your releases online. You should be able to get good coverage with type of product.

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