Getting Lucky With Random Press Releases/Articles. Has it Happened to You

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Well awhile back I was just browsing my account and i had been posting a few press releases on there for fun mostly none to actually generate traffic. I posted maybe 10 one night, and came back the next day and they all had around 100 views which i was ecstatic with around 1000 views in 1 night. Night 2 i came back and they were all sitting around 400 views but one completely excelled. I did no research on keywords or anything and it is receiving nearly 10,000 search traffic a day!

Just wanted to know how many others have hit the jackpot on traffic with simple luck, and what exactly can we do with these articles?
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  • I had a humor article I wrote get discussed at length by seemingly every "shock jock" radio personality in the US one morning back in late 2007.

    I woke up that morning with a stuffed email inbox, spiked ad revenue, and unfortunately, a crippled VPS and downed site.
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