How to have good design of landing page?

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Hi , I have trouble with design ..

I don't know how to have good design of a landing page? Like how to deal with the header, the theme, the picture inside the landing page, to make it compelling... How to do this?
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    Please note there are ways to do this. I will send you a PM about this. Thank you.

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      The best designs are simple designs. Keep the focus on the content. There are plenty of free very simple themes that work great. Don't overthink it!
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        Originally Posted by RichKent View Post

        Don't overthink it!
        THIS by a long shot.

        On your landing page, you need a header, bullet points, and a call to action (with an opt in form right below it).

        If you start breaking down the design and all of it, then you're adding more steps between you and getting something out there.

        If you Google "free squeeze page templates", there's 3 free ones by Rich Schefron (sp?) and Tellman Knudson, ones which I've used myself and had awesome results with.
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    yes, cool. Gonna try it

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    Vaguely related to the question, those using Adsense have to consider the quality score factors of the page, Contact, Privacy and TOS links and at least one exit link to the rest of the site. And of course make your affiliate pages not look like afiliate pages.

    Ryan roll-em and Perry Burp taught a page optimizing course, identifying a bunch of fine tuned layout details and color schemes that had positive physiological impact. They A-B test figure that showed the percentage increase changing a button color, font style, etc had on conversion. This reminded me of the many car performance accessories that were sold in the J.C. Whitney catalog, each with an "Up to 20% increase" sort of spec, it seemed that if you got the custom air cleaner, spark plugs ignition coil, exhaust, hood scoop and oil, the combined performance enhancement would double your horsepower.

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    Header is important, find a proper image what describes your activity. It must captivate your visitors.

    webapex wrote something smart - "And of course make your affiliate pages not look like afiliate pages."
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    You can always buy a design for landing page from sites like : - Professional templates for Your landing pages , You'll have good design and all You need to do then is provide the content.

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    There are many landing page templates that you can buy for dirt cheap. Just search for landing page template in google to find couple of good alternatives. For as low as $17 you can get a professional looking template.
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