Here's a groundbreaking secret that will help protect you from guru spam!!!

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Gosh, I cannot believe people have talked this topic to death on warrior forum and the secret still isn't out (or so as it seems because these posts don't stop).

When you opt-in to a person's newsletter and you feel "violated" because you just received 5 emails from him in a day, please don't come start a thread on warrior forum. Use this little trick to save yourself tons of headache:



Please do that next time instead of wasting your time and other people's time arguing the fact (or perception) that gurus are spamming your email.

Thanks for reading! Have a nice day
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    That's true. I know I've gotten sick and tired of some of the gurus and their never ending sales pitches, but since I can hit the unsubscribe button I don't have to be held hostage.
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    Good point Mohammad! I often join successful marketers newsletters because I want to get some useful and helpful information, which I do get.But, most of the emails are sales pitches which makes me unsubscribe.I always try to send useful information to my list because that´s why they have signed up, no one signs up to get sales pitches.When you get people to trust you, they will buy what you recommend.
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    Good point... I make liberal use of the unsubscribe button myself.

    The real problem is the gurus who do shady business and sell your email address to spammers and/or make it impossible to unsubscribe.

    Is there a town square available?
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      Here's another groundbreaking secret - every time one of the "same old" topics gets discussed at least one person uses it as an excuse to begin an ancillary thread on the same topic.

      Be the person your dog thinks you are.

      Saving one dog will not save the world....but will forever change the world for one dog.
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