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Dear fellow Warrior,

I am desperate need help here. I need a good web 2.0 submission tool who will do good job in article auto submission. Web 2.0 Bot "Mike" has not been released yet, but I can't afford SENuke too. Can anyone of you suggest me one great tool, at least in your point of view?

Thank you for your time.

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    I don't use Web 2.0 Automation tools, so I have none to suggest....I will, however, BUMP this thread up so hopefully you can get the help you are seeking....
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    Actually I am looking for a tool that ONLY has capability of autosubmitting articles to Web 2.0. I don't need PING service or autosocial bookmarking features. It's very difficult to find one that suits with what I need. My budget is very tight.
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    Not to change the topic, but might you perhaps be too focused on one solution? If your budget is tight, get one of the dozens of article submitters and build your list submitting articles to directories, then you can afford SENuke. I'm not aware of any other program that does it, and I can tell you from experience that SENuke is well worth the price. Just an idea, hope it helps :-)

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      Magic Article Submitter works good enough for me. Its ability to automatically creates the author accounts is really helpful.

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    Thanks for you guys opinions. I already have good article submitter, AMR. Now I am expanding to web 2.0 submission. Maybe I just wait until I have enough money to afford SENuke or other programs.
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