Staying Motivated and Focused (you too?)

by sirtom
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Hey all,

How well do you stay motivated and focused on your marketing tasks?

I'll be honest with ya... Sometimes I feel like since I started online marketing I developed ADD. Seriously, there's times when I find it hard staying focused on one thing till completion, or even getting cracking on something (like daily traffic generation tasks).

I'm only human after all, and this is often a marketplace of noise, confusion, and constant connection.

But, I've worked out a trick that helps me, especially before I was making a solid income, and in turn I thought I'd share it to possibly help you too. It's not responsible for all my earnings or anything, but it definitely helps on a project-by-project basis for getting things done and overall it flat-out helps me make money.

Here's what I do:

Before any major project, I always set goals and deadlines. That's a given, and I'd recommend you do it too. But that's not the trick...

The REAL trick is working FOR something. And for me, it's usually something material haha.

Example: I recently wanted a new laptop. So, I decided to create and launch a product to fund this new laptop.

I went and browsed around for my soon-to-be computer, went into my local Best Buy and got my hands on a few, made it real and concrete to myself, then went home and got to work. I was working for MY laptop.

I find that when I have something I'm working towards, when it's not just vague and for "making money", I tend to be so much more productive. That, coupled with setting goals and deadlines, and I recognizably see an increase in both productivity and income.

Maybe you just want to pay an extra bill each month. Well, take out the bill, and if it's $136.84, then your goal is to make exactly $136.84.

If you want a new watch, then go pick one out in the store, make it real to yourself, decide that you want it, and make it happen.

If you want a new life, pull a 'Frank Kern' and write out exactly what your "ideal life" would look like. If you just want the "internet lifestyle", what is that? If you don't know exactly what you're working for, you won't know if you ever get it.

Hope this helps


EDIT: Apparently, Mike Ambrosio (and countless others of course) does this too haha. I'm listening to a call he did with Willie Crawford and he's talking about it right now. Good times
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    Thanks for sharing. I dare say you're not the only one to use this tactic. I also browse around ebay to find stock for my local online store. There are many big exporters in Hong Kong and China who market their stuff on ebay for a reduced price. So this in itself is part of my business goals.
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    Yesterday they replayed the program "ADD and loving it" on my local PBS station, sounds like fun... You can find a leader and clips out there.

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      I like this technique! The fact that you actually go to the store, physically pick out the product you want, and "make it real for yourself" like you said, sounds like a really strong motivating tool.

      I think this could work for me too, even if it's not for a physical item. For example, I have this idea in the back of my head that it would be great to earn the exact amount of money I need to be able to pay off all of my college loans within a year or two (or even within a few years) of graduating- which for some people would be a huuuge sum of money, but my public university education is a bit kinder on me

      I've also been dying to have a really nice spa day, at least once, and I've spent lots of time looking at all of the nicest spas in my area and dreaming about being pampered and having a day to simply relax. Just something to save up for.

      In any case, thanks for sharing the strategy that helps you follow through on your goals. I hope this will help me as well!
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        Originally Posted by Sarah S View Post

        I like this technique! The fact that you actually go to the store, physically pick out the product you want, and "make it real for yourself" like you said, sounds like a really strong motivating tool.
        It really is... When you physically go to a place and check it out (whatever that "it" is), it's kinda like you assert some form of mental ownership of it. Makes it so much more concrete..

        And don't you worry, that spa day is closer than you think!
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    it's my weak point. Thanks for the pointers.
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    Thank you very much for taking the time to share this information. Best wishes to you.

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      Listen to some anthony robbins or hit the gym, to get that extra boost. I feel its easiest to get distracted when you get to stagnant. A body in motion stays in motion after all!

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        Stay focus and concentrate and also set your own time schedule.

        And don't get to be distracted.
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    Personally, I have a daily schedule in place so that I won't get distracted or lost in what I am suppose to do on the day.
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