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by Chris Grable 14 replies
Hi folks,

I'm considering building an article site around a very tight niche.... Was wondering if anyone could recommend a script that would be suitable for managing the site. The inital requirements are not significant.... I think <grin>

Author registration and approval
Author management
article submission by authors
Article moderation

It's a tight enough niche that we could probably do it manually but would prefer not to....

Thanks in advance!
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    Article Dashboard has one for free or there is one called article friendly, somewhere between 20 and 40 bucks.

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    I think Free Articles script is better.

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      I have really enjoyed working with ArticleMS

      ArticleMS - Article Management System

      (no affiliation) [rolls eyes]


      Edit: Which is what David just suggested above.
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        Thanks folks!!!

        I really appreciate the help. I'm off to look into your recommendations.
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          Putting in my .02 to recommend (highly) against article dashboard. It hasn't been updated in YEARS and almost every site ran using it is under constant attack from site hackers (who then proceed to frag your whole world). Plus, it's entirely encrypted with ioncube so your flexibility for design and changes is extremely limited.

          However, I have heard good things about articlems (as previously mentioned), great things about articlefriendly (cost per domain liscense, but secure and user friendly) and the best things about article live (never used it, and it's fairly expensive though!)

          If you're interested and decide to buy articlefriendly, I just got it a few days ago...and I'm working on re-working the whole framework to be much more server friendly...that is, converting the entire frame from a limited template/ html / table based script to a css/ xhtml transitional (no tables!)/ php based framework that will be MUCH easier to work with. If your interested I could possibly share the end (modified) script with you...just send me a pm if you decide to go that route.
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            I would be interested. I want to build my own network of sites.
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    Or, if you want to use WordPress to accomplish this
    here is a plugin & theme that will do it. I haven't used
    it myself, only checked it out but it looks simple enough:

    Article Directory WordPress Plugin Article Directory

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  • Profile picture of the author optawise
    David I have your Article Post Robot. I have enjoyed this program and your content rewriter program. Thank you for your support. I have rather and urgent issue. I can not use Artilc Post Robot to post to articlems article programs
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    Don't use article dashboard, it's full of bugs, Jason the owner hasn't updated their forum for ages about it. Like over a year.
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    • Profile picture of the author Allen Graves
      I suggest you stay away from Article Dashboard. Not only have the users been completely ignored by the creators of the script, the forum is closed now and there are no plans for reviving the project at this time.

      Security issues are the main reason I suggest against it. It's a shame, was actually a nice script although it does stress out a server.

      My suggestion lately has been ArticleFriendly, however there seems to be a new breed of directory scripts being created right now. Take a look at Article Directory Script | Article Directory Software and Databases. It's new, so I don't know how the support is.

      Article MS is coming out with a very nice new version as well and they do have customer driven support.

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  • There are some real good ones out the, I am amazed at how easy it is to get articles ranked on google for free.
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