No ones answering my question in the adsense forum, so I'll ask it here

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I hope someone can help me here. I have some Olympic sites and I am finding that the CTR and the eCPM is low. Is there a way of changing the type of ads that display on your site to ones that pay better?

My sites are:

Olympic Results Home
Welcome! :: Olympic Videos
Olympic Pictures - Free Image Hosting Related To Olympics

I would love to benefit from the games traffic because it is such a small window of time for this traffic to earn something back on the sites

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    Focus on more punchy headlines and ads...
    there is one other trick that I will out in public that I'm sure I will get a thrashing for...

    Register or setup a subdomain:

    This "can" increase CTR significantly...also consider punching up your ad boxes with more 'harsh' verbage...

    example...I ran an ad before "#1 Positions on Google bla bla bla"...inside pitch is from a guy who's been doing this since '99, etc...

    This got very "so so" results so I changed it to "You Suck Unless You're #1 on Google" and got quite a bit more inquiries...

    A big thanks to that kid that sold a craigslist product that had a wicked Oz accent...his headline writing abilities are worth hiring...I wish I had his contact offhand as I'd post it.

    That stuff matters to change your CTR...which affects your CPC....which you ought to keep on the QT as we don't want this method dilluted ASAP.

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