Confused about keyword research

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Keyword research in Google returns:

"[city]+car" has 60 searches per day, 57,100 competition with phrase, 828,000 competition without phrase.
"cars+[city]" has 74 searches per day, 798 competition with phrase, 1,150,000 competition without phrase.

For keyword research most experts suggest using phrase match. Therefore, I understand I should select "cars+[city]", but how do I apply it to SEO, such as selecting a domain name, title, h1 tag, etc?

If I use "cars+[city]" it doesn't sound natural. But if I put in some filler words, like "best cars in [city]", wouldn't that mess up the keyword results?

Incidentally the results for "best cars in [city]" was:
0 searches per day, 0 competition with phrase "", 240,000 competition without phrase

Most eBooks I find doesn't explain this enough. I hope some experts here could help explain further.


Chris "still confused"
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