Best Strategy for Selling Local Search Domains

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Hi all,

We all know that local search is hot and actually quite easy to do when you know what your doing with SEO.

However, I'm keen to hear how others have approached the selling or renting of domains to business owners whereby you register a domain for the industry / area your after and then get that onto page one of google. I've got a couple of domains that fir this category now (one I did as a contra on getting my teeth fixed but then the organisation does'nt want it anyway) - there's search volume on both - in fact one term I have as the dotcom has 22,000 searches per month and only 13,000 competing pages - hence I'm sure there is money to be made....

I need some cash for christmas so I'm keen to hear some ideas on what others have had success with in this space. If you have a great idea I'd be happy to pay a 10% commission on whatever sale price we achive on any given domain sale if you'd like to PM me or just google networxnz - I own the first 8 pages - you can't miss me!

Cheers for now.

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    A real simple way to sell local domains.

    I use Chris Ramsey's lead finding tool (search on here) but it can be done manually.

    This tool was designed for finding Google places info not what I use it for (God I can see another WSO coming).

    Say you have a domain and you want to sell it, just google the keyword phrase (Car Hire Hull) then contact the first couple of pages of sites and offer it to them, in particular the google places search results that have no website.

    You are unlikely to find a buyer on the first page but you will on the next few.

    Kind regards


    PS If your happy to pay 90% commission then I will sell them for you!
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