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Hey fellow Warriors,

We see many folks telling you that you can have a backlink from a PR6 or 7 site. But even on the same site different pages have different page ranks.

So if I get a link form a PR7 site where Get the 411 on Anyone with Free White Pages, People Search and Online Directory is a PR7 but my link is
www.foo.com/somepage.html which has a PR n/a then am I really getting a PR 7 link?

I have looked in several back link tools and it appears NO, not unless the link is really on the PR7 page.

Thoughts on this?

One might think that a burred link in a root PR7 site would be better then a burred link in a PR 3 or 0 site.
Thoughts on this?

Does anyone have any stats to back this up?

thanks Kevin
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    Yea the PR of the page containing the link is by convention considered a gauge of the link juice that will be imparted to your site.

    But google and at least one guru I know of (link Liberation guy?) recommend not paying that much attention to PR. (Google's internal ranking system could now be something more advanced than the publicly displayed PR)

    There are indications that not all pages get ranked, for unclear reasons. For example in the valuable yahoo directory you typically will find the forst page of a ctegory, which is linked to by anchor text will have a rank, but all the pages beyond page 1, only linked to by numbered anchors will have no rank. It seen irrational that the 20th entry may be on a pr5, but the 21st entry is on a pr0 page.

    Some suggest a link coming from a page that's 'near' a high rank page may still pass juice to your site.

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    The PR value of your backlink is the PR of the page your backlink is on, not the domain.

    Does the PR of the domain give your PR 0 backlink a little extra juice? Some say yes, others say no and most, including myself, have no idea.

    I don't think anybody has any stats on this. Just a lot of backlink seller hype.

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